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It's a Tactive Instrument Modeller Keyboard and Expander      11/03/02

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CreamWare presents Noah, a hardware synthesizer with unique features and unprecedented flexibility. Sound production, effects, step sequencing and arpeggiation are entirely realized in software and processed by DSPs. Noah offers all popular synthesis technologies: analog (subtractive), FM, vector and wavetable synthesis. It also features a completely new physical modeling technology for guitar and bass sounds with unprecedented realism. An expansion for sampling and PCM sound is available as an option. Thanks to its most advanced DSP technology, Noah for the first time offers 1:1 modeling of existing instruments. At the same time, completely new synthesis techniques can be realized as well. In contrast to the fixed architecture of conventional synthesizers, Noah is totally flexible and can be equipped with additional instruments and synthesis technologies through software (plug ins). So, Noah is constantly re-inventing itself and will always remain up-to-date. "For a long time there has been very little reason for anyone to buy a new synthesizer", says CreamWare managing director Frank Hund. "There was simply nothing new out there. Real innovation was taking place almost entirely in software, and was therefore dependent on a computer environment. Noah changes that. Noah combines, for the first time, the innovation and dynamics of software plug-in technology with the advantages of a traditional instrument." The basic package supplied with Noah comprises the following 9 instruments:
  • minimax: The first truly accurate reproduction of the legendary Minimoog.
  • Vectron Player: Inspired by the renowned Prophet VS, vector synthesis produces breathtaking sounds.
  • Lightwave: Wavetable synthesizer with 128 waveforms, 2 powerful filters, and a flexible modulation matrix.
  • Six-String: Model of a six-string guitar. A new, patented physical modeling algorithm achieves an unprecedented level of sonic nuance and articulated performance realism.
  • Four-String: Four-string bass model, based on the same technlology. - B 3000: Draw-bar organ model in the tradition of the veritable Hammond B3.
  • Beatzbox: Analog drum synth/computer.
  • Hybriddd: Combines FM and analog synthesis in a unique instrument.
  • Vocodizer: 22-band vocoder with integrated synthesizer. Capable of emulating any hardware or software based vocoder. During Noah's development uncompromising sound quality was given absolute priority. The DSP plug-in technology allows the realization of most diverse synthesis techniques in unparalleled quality and variety. Instruments are not based on static samples, but are modeled exactly and true to the original. All instruments are polyphonic, and equipped with sounds created by well-known sound designers. Even in its basic version, Noah already offers over 1000 sounds. They can be edited directly on the instrument itself, or with the included graphical software on a Mac or PC. Noah has an extensive effects section. More than 30 32-bit algorithms are available, including a high-quality reverb, modulation and dynamic effects. A live programmable step sequencer and arpeggiator extend the performance capabilities even further. Although Noah does not require a computer, it however offers extensive integration with external sequencers and the Internet over its USB interface. Noah instruments can be treated in the computer like plug-ins. Individual Noah configurations can be created on screen and uploaded into the synthesizer. New instruments and sounds can be accessed through a PC directly from the Internet and then loaded and played on Noah. Noah is available in both rackmount and keyboard versions. The keyboard offers two 2x40 indicator displays (the rack module has one) and 16 combined infinite control/push buttons for performance control (the rack version has four). Both versions are equipped with stereo analog inputs and outputs, 8 individual outputs in ADAT format, MIDI In/Out/Thru, a USB port, and a slot for Compact Flash data storage. Noah is hardware expandable via two options: the Noah Performance Option, which doubles the power of the synthesis engine; and the "Transporter" Sampling Option, which implements a 64MB sample player for the use of "virtual expanders". By assembling Akai and Soundfont compatible samples, users can also create their own virtual expanders - and so access their personal sounds directly from Noah. Virtual expanders can be stored on Compact Flash and reloaded into the keyboard's Sample Player. "The realization of a purely software-controlled, totally flexible synthesizer has been a dream for a long time", says Michael Ruf, CreamWare's chief developer. "I think back to legendary experiments such as the PPG Realizer and the Korg OASYS. Now, finally, the technology has advanced to the point where these dreams can become reality. Noah takes these ideas much further, and adds such up-to-date features as expandability via the Internet, an editing and control software for Mac and PC, direct integration into software audio sequencers, and a USB interface." Noah will be available in the summer of 2002. Although the list prices have not yet been established, the keyboard version is expected to retail for under 2000 US $.

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