WNAMM02: IK Fills SampleTank With New Sounds

US Teams up with AMG, Masterbits and SonicReality for giant libraries.      04/02/02

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To complement IK Multimedia's SampleTank sample playback/synth module for VST/MAS and RTAS, there's a whole new bunch of sounds available in SampleTank format from top sample CD producers AMG, Masterbits, Sonic Reality and IK's own imprint IK. The library is available as a boxed set $739 (saving $200) or as individual titles @ $119 each. Each disc comes with a copy of SampleTank LE, a fully working version SampleTank with 4 midi channels and single output. The full range of titles
  1. AMG BRIT HORNS MULTISAMPLES Chromatically sampled Horn Sections and solo instruments from the legendary Thoms, Barnacle & Brooks brass section! $119
  2. AMG LOOP SOUP! DANCE LOOPS Norman Cook, Coldcut, Pascal Gabriel & Megabass deliver the ultimate dance loop library! Chopped up with MIDI files for the ultimate creativity! $119
  3. AMG TERMINALHEAD DANCE SAMPLES&LOOPS The most creative and inspiring dance collections available! "Raunchy, raw, and rude... Terminalhead does not disappoint." - Keyboard. ReCycled too! $119
  4. AMG TONY MASON DRUM LOOPS Top R&B drummer Tony Mason lays down the phattest beats - all ReCycled with their own MIDI Files! $119
  5. IK TRANCE GRID DANCE LOOPS Separate loops elements (BDs, snares and hi-hats), to produce a zillion numbers of trance grooves with the most complex rhythmic joints. $99
  6. IK EARTH BEAT PERCUSSION LOOPS Percussive loops from around the world. African, asian and latin percussions tempo-matched and fully recombinable. $99
  7. IK AXE' PERCUSSION LOOPS A special library of all the "batucada" instruments, mixable in millions of complex, pure carioca rhythmic textures. $99
  8. MASTERBITS MELLO ZONE ST MULTISAMPLES The ultimate collection of MELLOTRON sounds. 25 large sound sets incl. up to 35 halftone steps multi-samples / each, 484 MB. $99
  9. MASTERBITS VINTAGE VOLTAGE ST MULTISAMPLES A great collection of analogue synth sounds. 180 ready to play ST sound sets incl. Leads, Basses, Pads, SFX etc. taken from famous vintage Synthesizers. $99
  10. SR/eSoundZ GUITAR COLLECTION MULTISAMPLES Nylon and Steel String Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Basses and more. $79
  11. SR/eSoundZ TECHNO GROOVES MULTISAMPLES&LOOPS Electronic rhythm loops organized by BPM with tempos of 98, 102, 108, 120, 128, , 139, 145 and 150. $79
  12. SR/eSoundZ SYMPHONY STRINGS MULTISAMPLES Lush string ensembles of violins, violas, celli and basses played in many performance styles. $79
  13. SR/eSoundZ PIANO COLLECTION MULTISAMPLES New Steinway® Grand, Yamaha® Grand, Baby Grand, Upright, Electric Pianos and more! $79
  14. SR/eSoundZ OMNI SYNTH MULTISAMPLES All 128 sounds from the General Midi list with incredible realism. A diverse set of for a great price. $129
  15. SR/eSoundZ SONIC SYNTH MULTISAMPLES Multi-disc set with over 2 Gigabytes of sounds from Sonic Reality. Pianos, Pads, Strings, Voices, Bells, Guitars, Drums...a FULL synth workstation! $249
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