WNAMM02:SampleTanks First For ProTools

US IK Multimedia release an RTAS version      25/01/02

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IK Multimedia is the first native sample-based sound module available as a Pro Tools® plug-in. SampleTank offers a powerful sample based synthesis engine - with fast access to GBs of libraries. The sounds use IK's own patented RAM doubling to save on disc space.
SampleTank features includes:
  • Perfect integration with Pro Tools® Free, LE or TDM
  • Up to 450 high-quality multi-sampled banks included (2.5GB of samples)
  • Huge variety of sounds included (acoustic and electric basses, brass solo and sections, natural/electronic/analog drum kits, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, grand/acoustic/electric /synthesized pianos, church and electric organs, ethnic instruments, full orchestra and orchestral elements, string solo and sections, vocal choirs, woods, winds, synthesized basses/leads/pads /effects, dance and ethnic loops)
  • 128 voices polyphony per module
  • 16 multi timbral instruments per module
  • Unlimited number of modules can be opened (CPU dependant)
  • 32 bit floating point processing
  • Patented RAM doubling sample playback
  • 4 dynamic sound parameters
  • 4 insert effects selectable among 20 high quality DSP effects
  • User friendly sounds organization with multiple folders/ multiple HDs
  • Sound search feature with user-defined categories
  • Thousands of native sounds already available from AMG, IK, Masterbits and SonicReality
  • Imports AKAI® S1000/S3000 sound format Pricing and Availability
    SampleTank® RTAS will come in two versions:
  • SampleTank L - Includes 2 CDs with 200 top-quality sounds for more than 1.1GB of samples: 42 orchestral sounds, 40 electric sounds, 54 acoustic sounds, 65 electronic synth sounds and loops plus AKAI® S1000-3000 converter $379
  • SampleTank XL - Includes 4 CDs 450 top-quality sounds for more than 2.5GB of samples: 82 orchestral sounds, 77 electric sounds, 96 acoustic sounds, 199 electronic sounds plus AKAI® S1000-3000 converter $599 An HTDM version of SampleTank plug-in is also expected to be available by the second quarter 2002.
  • www.sampletank.com IK Multimedia products at audioMIDI
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