WNAMM02:Mackie - Mixtremely Pleased With New DAW

US New three component system brings Mackie into host based market      23/01/02

After Mackie’s recent acquisition of the company that manufactured the SoundScape DAW system, Mackie have repackaged, re-worked and re-branded as the Mixscape Recording System. It’s comprised of three specific hardware components that are also available as individual products. Included are the Mixscape 8-Pack Moving-Fader Controller, the proven Mixtreme PCI card, and the Mixscape I/O Audio Interface box. Also included is a copy of Emagic Logic Audio LE software—a multi-functional, entry-level version of the respected Emagic Logic series. Mixtreme PCI Card with DSP
The nerve center of Mackie’s new Mixscape Recording System is the versatile Mixtreme PCI card that offers 16 channels of 24-bit digital I/O via two eight-channel TDIF ports, and also has full 24-bit digital mixing and real-time DSP effects plug-ins that can be accessed from the bundled copy of Emagic Logic Audio LE that ships with each Mixscape Recording System. The two industry-standard TDIF ports will each support a Mixscape I/O module, or can be connected to the Mackie DIO•8 Tape I/O cards. These ports will also support any other TDIF-enabled product including digital consoles and recording systems. With standard multimedia drivers for WindowsÒ 95/98/NT/2000, plus VST compatible ASIO drivers, Mackie Mixtreme can be used with any PC-based MIDI/Audio sequencing or recording/editing software. Mixscape I/O Audio Interface
The Mixscape I/O Audio Interface module is a plug-and-play system that allows users to record everything from keyboards to zithers directly onto the PC without having to worry about synchronization or other interface settings. One Mixscape I/O module ships with each Mixscape Recording System. (Two Mixscape I/O modules can be connected to the Mixtreme PCI card to increase the overall capabilities of the system.) The front panel of the Mixscape I/O module includes a stereo headphone output with volume control, two input control sections with mic/line switches, clip and sync LED indicators, 48V phantom power selectors and rotary input level controls. Also on-board are two high-gain, low-noise balanced microphone preamplifier inputs, two balanced/unbalanced XLR line inputs and two balanced line outputs. Mixscape 8
At the center of the Mixscape Recording System is the Mixscape 8 touch-sensitive fader pack, a comfortable, hands-on alternative to the mouse. On-board are eight high-quality touch sensitive 60mm motorized faders, eight dedicated Solo and Mute buttons with LED indicators, and eight selectable rotary encoders that can serve as Pan, Send Levels, or programmable parameters such as EQ controls. The Mixscape 8 features real transport controls including Play, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Stop, and Record buttons. Available are a bank/channel selector for accessing additional channels, New and Locate Marker buttons for creating and/or jumping to location points, and “jump” buttons enabling quick, precise access to virtual instruments or bus channels. Included with the Mixscape Recording System, the Mixscape 8 is available as a stand-alone product—the perfect fader pack for popular programs such as CubaseÔ and NuendoÔ. It can also function as a compact interface for show control systems. Emagic Logic Audio LE
Bundled with every Mackie Mixscape Recording System is a copy of Emagic’s multi-functional Logic Audio LE. This entry-level version of Emagic’s respected Logic Audio series provides up to 24 audio tracks, interactive automation with the Mixscape 8 controller, easy real-time effects, the integrated stereo sample editor and virtual MIDI applications. Logic Audio LE is a great way for new users to become familiar with computer based recording. Fully upgradeable.
Ideal for first time users, the Mixscape Recording System can be upgraded as a user’s skills become more advanced. Olsen commented, “We understand the need to grow with the user. Right out of the box, this system is extremely well-equipped and fully compatible with other popular and more advanced VST-based programs from Logic Audio, Cubase and Nuendo. Mackie is currently working on a family of advanced I/O boxes that will take further advantage of the versatile Mixtreme PCI card and offer a greater number of input/output options. The first of these I/O boxes will be available later in 2002 as an optional upgrade for the Mixscape Recording System.” The entire Mixscape Recording System, with all of the hardware and software components listed above will be available through authorized Mackie dealers in Q2, 2002 at a SRP of $1799
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