WNAMM02: Digital Performer 3.1 On Show

Some super refinements to DP3      20/01/02

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MOTU continues to upgrade it's flagship software, Digital Performer 3. The version 3.1 upgrade will contain some major new features and will be free to registered users of version 3.0x. Simultaneous edge editing of multiple soundbites is a feature that DP users have been clamoring for for quite a while, and with 3.1 it is finally here. Just select the soundbites to be edited and grab the edge of one of the audio regions, and they will all move together. Finally, whew! Editing of fades has also become much more sophisticated and at the same time easier. It is no longer necessary to call up the fade dialog box to create crossfades, you can simply drag them in the audio edit window. If you wish to further adjust them you can go into the fade dialog box and fine tune them there. Creating fades is much more interactive than has been in the past, a nice upgrade of this part of the program. DP3.1 supports firewire video playback, which opens up a lot of possibilities as far as getting video into the program to work with. Another welcome user interface feature is the new "Time Format" window, which allows global settings for time line views. In this window you can select bars and beats, for example, across the whole program. No more going into individual menus for this in different parts of the program. Time line views are now even more customizable as well. One of the coolest new features in DP 3.1 is the unlimited multiple undo. Undos are time stamped, and multiple branches of undos are now possible as well. The undo features got an "ooooh" from me I must admit. Very well done, and I'm sure DP users are going to appreciate what MOTU has done with this. Please note however, that the undos are flushed when the user quits the program. So if you want to *save* multiple versions of your work at various stages you'll still need to do that the old fashioned way. DP 3.1 will import REX version 2 files, something that will be of use to those who use REX files for drum loops. 3.1 also features automatic tempo conversion of audio loops. Complete destructive wave form editing of surround files will be supported in DP 3.1. Altogether, many useful and well thought out enhancements to DP3 are included in the new version. As a long time Performer and Digital Performer user, I'm looking forward to getting my free upgrade disk in the mail! Albert
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