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US Christmas is finally here, along with the NL3      18/12/01

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The long awaited rack version of the Nord Lead 3 Advanced Subtractive Performance Synthesizer - Nord Rack 3 , is now shipping! Clavia claims the new Nord Rack 3 and Nord Lead 3 to be amongst the world’s best performance synthesizers, introducing several new and exciting features tailored for the performing keyboard player. The only things that differs between Nord Rack 3 and Nord Lead 3 are the lack of keyboard, pitch stick, modulation wheel and control pedal input. The rest - including those nifty rotary encoders is all there. You get, for example, Keyboard Hold, parallel polyphonic glide in legato mode, single-key triggering of whole chords and even clusters of slightly detuned voices for super-unison effects. Clavia also added monophonic operation with highest/lowest note priority which works like a sort of floating keyboard split when layered with a polyphonic sound. You can also sync the LFOs and Arpeggiator to the global Master Clock or MIDI Clock. The Unison with retained full polyphony offers 5 complete detuned virtual voices per note - in stereo! All these functions comes housed in a compact 19" and 5 units high rack mountable table top unit. Polyphony
  • 24 notes, 4-part multitimbral.
    Performance Controllers
  • Octave Shift functionality (+/-2 octaves). Keyboard Split on the same MIDI channel (two sections). Chord Memory/Stack. Keyboard Hold. Sustain Pedal input.
    User Interface
  • 2 x 16 character backlit LCD and 3-digit LED. 26 rotary encoder knobs with circular LED graphs for instant control. 4 regular knobs and 45 buttons. Big Rotary Dial encoder for system editing, sound selection, MIDI functions etc.
    Morph Groups
  • Four separate Morph groups per sound. Up to 26 parameters can be assigned to each Morph Group. Control sources: Keyboard Velocity, Keyboard Range, Keyboard Aftertouch/Control Pedal, Mod Wheel. When you control Morph groups, the values of every assigned parameter are shown in real-time by the corresponding LED graphs.
  • 1 Master Clock/MIDI-synchable Arpeggiator per Slot. 1 Sub Arpeggiator and Mask function per Slot.
  • Vibrato that affects all voices in the sound. Controllable from incoming Mod Wheel or Aftertouch MIDI data.
  • Glide, Auto Glide. Polyphonic Glide (in Legato mode). Rate control.
    Voice Mode
  • Monophonic, Monophonic with Highest or Lowest Note Priority, Monophonic Legato, Monophonic Legato with Highest or Lowest Note Priority, Polyphonic Legato (with polyphonic Glide if you like)
  • Adjustable stereo Unison with retained full polyphony. 5 detuned virtual voices per note (2 in the left channel, 2 in the right channel and 1 in the center)
    Modulation Section
  • LFO1 and LFO2, each featuring: Master Clock/MIDI-synchable LFO. 6 waveforms: Square, Triangle, Sawtooth, Random Step, Smooth Random, Special. 12 destinations. Free running/Hard-sync/Single Cycle and Mono modes. Rate and Amount controls. Separate LFOs for each voice. MOD ENV: Attack/Decay or Attack/Release Envelope with Lin/Exp Attack. Envelope/Repeat modes. 12 destinations. Attack, Decay/Release and Amount controls. Separate Envelopes for each voice.
    Amplifier Section
  • ADSR Envelope with Lin/Exp Attack. Level (Gain) controls.
    Oscillator Section
  • OSC1 and OSC2 with six shapable waveforms each: Triangle, Sawtooth, Pulse, Sine, Noise and Dual Sine. 1 additional slave sync oscillator per oscillator group. Dual Sine FM mode for 2 or 4 operator FM synthesis. Synchable Noise for formant type of sounds. OSC1: Shape/Sync/DFM Amount control. OSC2: Coarse Tuning/Modulator semitones, Fine Tuning/Carrier partial, Shape/Sync/FM Amount and Keyboard Tracking controls. Oscillator Modulation featuring Distortion, Linear FM, Differential FM, Filter FM, AM/RM, Distortion Modulation and Noise. Oscillator Mix/Noise control.
    Filter Section
  • Single Filter Mode: Lowpass 6, 12 or 24 dB/Octave, Highpass 6, 12 or 24 dB/Octave, Bandpass 12 or 24 dB/Octave, Band reject 12 or 24 dB/Octave, Classic Lowpass 24 dB/Octave, Distorted Lowpass 12 or 24 dB/Octave. Frequency and Resonance controls. Multi Filter Mode: HP-LP in series 12 dB/Octave, HP-LP in parallel 12 dB/Octave, LP-BP in parallel 12 and 6+6 dB/Octave, BP-BP in parallel 2 x (6+6) dB/Octave, Multi Peak, Multi Notch. 2 x Frequency and 1 Resonance controls. ADSR Envelope with Lin/Exp Attack, Envelope Amount/Velocity, Positive/Invert. Keyboard Tracking and Oscillator Bypass controls.
    Internal Memory
  • Flash Memory (no backup battery required). 8 x 128 (1024) Programs (single sounds) and 2 x 128 (256) Performances (multi sounds) and OS. SysEx Dumps via MIDI to and from a sequencer/computer.
  • All knobs and buttons for sound editing send and receive MIDI Control Change Messages. MIDI SysEx bulk dumps: single Program or complete Program Banks, single Performance or complete Performance Banks. MIDI Clock hard-sync of LFOs and Arpeggiator.
  • 4 separate assignable Audio outputs, Headphones, Sustain Pedal input, MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, MIDI THRU. Detachable power cord. PRICING:Approximately US$ 2,300 or Euro 2,500 (for more detailed price info, please contact our local distributors) SHIP DATE: Now!
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