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US The XV-5050 - presenting the beast in a smaller cage!      12/11/01

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Roland is proud to announce the XV-5050, an affordable 64-voice 1U rack size synthesizer sound module based on the ground breaking, studio standard XV-5080 technology. As the highly regarded XV-5080 continues to fill studios thanks to its massive feature set and unrivalled sound quality, the XV-5050 follows in its footsteps with a 64-voice sound engine, complete with 4-Tone multiplex synthesis and powerful Matrix Control. In addition, recognizing the increasing influence of computer-based systems, the XV-5050 sports a USB connector for USB-MIDI applications, along with S/P DIF audio outputs (Coaxial & Optical), to ensure clear audio digital reproduction. Maintaining compatibility between Roland sound modules, the comprehensive compilation of onboard preset sounds includes all preset patches from the XV-5080 plus selected patches from the Fantom, along with a selection of newly programmed patches. With two slots for optional SRX Wave Expansion Boards, the maximum onboard wave memory extends to a staggering 192MB, with zero loading time. The XV-5050 brings inspiration, creativity and excitement to making music, while meeting the latest music production demands at a very competitive price point. Features at a glance:
  • Affordable 64-voice, 16-part, 1U rack sized synthesizer based on the XV5080.
  • High-end synthesis: Stereo 4-tone multiplex synthesis with Matrix Control.
  • USB Connector for easy connection to PC.
  • S/P DIF coaxial and optical outputs.
  • 24-bit D/A converters employed.
  • Preset patches of XV-5080, a selection of Fantom preset patches along with newly programmed Patches.
  • Independent 24-bit SRV-3030 reverb, chorus and MFX with 90 types including COSM effects available in patch mode. When in performance mode the MFX configuration can be chosen from a single MFX with 90 types or three MFXs with 50 types.
  • Two SRX expansion slots: Total Wave resource reaches to staggering 192MB equivalent.
  • Supports GM level 2. Availability Early 2002
    Price £749

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