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US 'Commanding' 2500...      09/10/01

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EMU have followed 1999's Proteus 2000 (which rated a 3.8 out of 5 according to Synth Site users) with the new 2500 'Command Module', which boasts three times the processing power of the 2000. Here's the Press Release from EMU: E-MU has announced the launch of the Proteus 2500 Command Module, its new 4 rack space flagship sound module with three times the processing power of the Proteus 2000, a host of real-time editing controls, a full-featured MIDI sequencer, and USB connectivity to a host computer. The new processor, combined with new 24-bit analog and digital audio outputs, delivers a new level of unsurpassed audio quality. The Proteus 2500 ships with a 32 MB soundset, and can be expanded to 128 MB using any of the eleven Proteus Expansion ROMs currently available. The Proteus 2500 also ships with over 100 MIDI sequences, allowing users to play and modify existing sequences as well as create their own. The Proteus 2500 is available in November, and has a U.S. retail price of $1695. Powerful New Platform The Proteus 2500 Command Module offers users a powerful, new sound module platform as well as compatibility with the entire library of Proteus 2000 expansion ROMs, including custom flash ROMs. The Proteus 2500 features a processor that is three times more powerful than its predecessor, the Proteus 2000, delivering even tighter MIDI timing and better audio performance. The Proteus 2500 also features new 24-bit analog and digital outputs that improve on the Proteus 2000's legendary sound quality. The Proteus 2500 offers over 100 syncable synthesis parameters per preset, as well as an arsenal of legendary E-MU filters. Over 40 programmable knobs and buttons allow users to tweak any parameter, as well as mix volumes and pans for 32 MIDI channels in real time without having to hunt through multiple screens. "We have worked hard to improve on the revolutionary Proteus 2000," states Sean Wilhelmsen, Director of Product Planning. "The Proteus 2500 Command Module is the logical next step -- better sound, tighter timing, and connectivity to the computer. By increasing the Proteus 2500's size from one rack space to four, we can now offer users a host of knobs and buttons for even greater hands-on access to functions without needing to scroll through menus -- everything is just a button push away" he concludes. Intuitive Sequencer and USB Connectivity The Proteus 2500 Command Module also features an integrated 16 track MIDI sequencer (with up to 16 MIDI channels per track), providing users with an intuitive, flexible, rackmounted sequencer that can be used in either linear or pattern oriented modes. Users can select sounds, toggle between real-time, grid, and step record modes, edit parameters, and mix without ever stopping the recording process. The Proteus 2500 ships with a USB port, allowing users to import and export Standard MIDI Files to and from the computer without a MIDI interface. "The Proteus 2500's powerful sequencer is perfect for taking your projects on the road. Those musicians who like to create their sequences on a software sequencer can take advantage of the Proteus 2500's all-in-one portability and stability when they take their work onto the stage to perform," explains Scott Emmerman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Americas. "The intuitive sequencer design makes the P-2500 a joy to use for laying down quick patterns or complex songs" he adds. The USB port offers easy connectivity to a host computer and the added advantage of easy software updates from the internet. The Proteus 2500 ships with E-MU's proprietary E-Loader program, allowing users to download the latest software version to their computer and effortlessly update the Proteus 2500 operating system, without having to deal with any complex hardware changes or MIDI processes.
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