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Official statement on the new Mackie control surface and Logic V5.0 delays      03/09/01

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As you can imagine, there is much eager anticipation regarding the forthcoming releases of the new control surface to (see news item) and the promised upgraded to Emagic's integrated midi and audio studio environment Logic 5.0. The new version will include internal automation resolutions best able to take advantage of the new controller. It seems that Emagic are holding back after promising a September release for both products. Primarily to ensure that it all works according to the hype. Better that than release something that doesn't work eh? Here's the official line.
  • Emagic Dear Emagic Customers, a busy autumn is ahead of us and we would like to give you an update on the current state of affairs at Emagic. Everyone is very eager to get Logic 5 and the new Logic Control into your hands as soon as possible. Our top priority is to ensure that this combination will be the most intelligently engineered and seamlessly integrated hardware controlled software solution ever made available - at any price point. Fortunately, our development team is happy to do whatever it takes to meet this goal. We are now in the final stages of getting the Logic Control hardware ready for production, which is currently scheduled to begin in October, enabling us to ship demo units to specialists dealers worldwide in November. Logic Control, the base unit, and Logic Control XT, the 8 channel extension will become available simultaneously. Both devices will be Emagic-branded products and distributed and serviced by the Emagic distribution network worldwide, ensuring an ideal dedicated support network for every user. Superior product quality remains most important for us and this takes on even greater significance when it comes to the integration of Logic 5 and Logic Control. Therefore, we have decided to release this software/hardware combination in a carefully considered fashion. First, in early November we will install demonstration systems in major specialist dealers throughout the world. Second, we will conduct a major field test of the system during this time, culminating in the release of Logic Platinum 5 on January 7th 2002. On this date every Emagic distributor will have update kits, new programs and Logic Control units in stock, ready to ship to dealers and customers. Final pricing for both Logic Control and Logic 5 updates will be announced mid September. On behalf of all of us at Emagic I would like to thank you for your continued support. We are all very confident that you will be more than satisfied with what we will deliver. Visit the Emagic website regularly for up to the minute coverage of this exciting launch. Sven Junge President, CEO


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