Mackie Get Hard With 24bit Recorder

US 24 track / 24bit machine sets new price point.      13/08/01

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Mackie have announced a new 24-bit/24-track non-linear hard disk recorder with a U.S. price of just $1999.00 (introductory MAPP). Available in September of 2001, the new low-priced MDR24/96 makes Mackie’s hard disk recording technology available to a much broader audience. "We are very excited about the MDR24/96," stated Scott Garside, Recording Products Market Manager at Mackie Designs. "It compliments our existing product line very well and provides a perfect recorder alternative for users who don’t require the advanced graphical editing capabilities of the HDR24/96, but would still like to experience the benefits of Mackie’s hard disk recording technology. The MDR24/96 is truly "plug and play" for people more interested in music than manuals." Fully compatible with Mackie’s HDR24/96, the new MDR24/96 includes an internal 20 gigabyte Ultra-DMA hard disk that delivers over 100 minutes of 24-track recording at 48kHz and a built-in drive bay for Mackie Media M-90 recording drives and Mackie Media Project backup drives. The MDR24/96 ships with 3, 24-bit, 48kHz analog I/O cards as standard. Optional digital I/O cards are available. Sync and clock capabilities include MIDI MMC and MTC, SMPTE, video blackburst and Word Clock. A standard 100BaseT Ethernet port for connection to PC’s and networks is also included. The MDR24/96 is also fully compatible with Mackie’s new Remote 48 Pro remote control ($1499.00 MSRP; available Fall, 2001). With the Remote 48 Pro, users can operate two hard disk recorders from a single control surface—allowing an MDR24/96 and HDR24/96 to function seamlessly as a full 48-track digital recording system with advanced editing capabilities for under $7000.00! The MDR24/96 benefits from true non-linear recording—providing far more recording time per gigabyte. Non-destructive recording capabilities allow users to record multiple versions of a track or track segment without destroying the original. All edits are non-destructive as well and the MDR24/96 allows for up to 999 Undo’s. During playback, the recorder recombines the non-linear segments into a seamless soundstream. Features include:
  • 24 Tracks – 192 Virtual Tracks – for up to 100 minutes of continuous recording
  • Built-in 20Gb internal disk plus pullout bay for extra Mackie Media™ removable hard drives
  • 100 BaseT Ethernet port built-in
  • 3.5 inch drive bay for importing tempo maps and software upgrades
  • 24 channel of Analog I/O standard
  • Optional Digital I/O cards
  • Full Meter Bridge
  • Non-destructive cut, copy and paste editing (with free upgrade)
  • 999 Un-Dos
  • Sync to SMPTE, MIDI, and Word Clock & Video blackburst
  • Optional remotes available The MDR24/96 will be shipping in early September, 2001. The MDR24/96 will also be on display at the 111th annual AES Convention in New York from September 21st – 24th, 2001. Mackie will be located in booth #1110
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