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US They just bought out NemeSys - aquiring GigaSampler and GigaStudio      30/07/01

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NASHVILLE, TN (July 20, 2001)... At a press conference at the Summer NAMM show, TASCAM announced that it has acquired the stock of Texas-based NemeSys Music Technology, Inc. NemeSys is known for its popular software-based sampling and music production tools for the PC platform, GigaSampler and GigaStudio, which TASCAM will immediately begin distributing under the TASCAM brand name. The company also announced that it has signed the principal software engineers/previous owners of NemeSys to a long-term employment agreement in order to ensure continuing development of the "Giga" platform. "We are tremendously excited by the possibilities inherent in TASCAM's acquisition of NemeSys," said TEAC vice-president Gene Joly. "The GigaSampler and GigaStudio products are already revolutionizing the world of music creation and production, and we're certain that the addition of TASCAM's distribution and marketing strength will allow these amazing tools to be even more broadly embraced by musicians and audio professionals around the world." "There could be no better news for the GigaSampler/GigaStudio user and development community," said Jim Van Buskirk, TASCAM R&D member and former NemeSys president. "What we started from a group of independent developers will now have the charge of a world class organization with unrivaled strengths in many key areas." The newly-expanded TASCAM line will now feature all of NemeSys' current products, including GigaStudio 160, GigaStudio 96, GigaSampler 64, GigaSamplerLE and NemeSys' sound libraries. Offering tremendous advantages over standard sampler devices that load and store samples in RAM, the patented technologies in GigaSampler and GigaStudio enable samples to be streamed directly from a computer's hard disk. This technology allows for huge sample file sizes (up to 4.3 gigabytes), resulting in audio quality, realism and detail that have never been achieved by any other sampling device. The unique technology also allows for extremely low latency performances, an enormous performance advantage over other sample playback systems. Also, the software products feature unique production advantages such as their QuickSound(tm) real-time interactive sound database that allows for searching and accessing of specific sounds. Founded in 1996, NemeSys was formed by several of the world's most highly-regarded host-based signal processing technology developers. This engineering team has designed successful products by such companies as Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, Packard Bell, Compaq Computer, Aztech Labs, Crystal SemiConductor, Digital Equipment Corporation and others. While the NemeSys acquisition is TASCAM's first foray into software-based music production tools, several of its product development engineering and marketing staff members have made key contributions to the development of professional sampling products from musical instrument and professional audio companies including E-mu Systems, Akai, Digidesign, Alesis and more. Joly added, "We have been very impressed by NemeSys' support of their customers, and we'reGi committed to providing excellent tools to help a broader base of musicians than ever before get up and running with the GigaSampler and GigaStudio products as quickly and easily as possible. Also, perhaps the most crucial component of this acquisition is the addition of NemeSys' founders to the TASCAM R&D group. They are visionaries who are passionate about both music and technology, which is very apparent in their cutting-edge product designs."
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