Stressed Executives Wig Out With Yamaha Kits

US The new DTXTREME kit releases tension in the boardroom      04/06/01

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Overworked? Stressed out? Feel like belting the boss? S Take a drum break with the latest remedy for stressed out city types in the unlikely form of Yamaha¹s new DTXTREME silent drum kit, newly available in the UK. The kits have already become a regular feature in boardrooms, staff rooms and corporate gyms stateside where they have proven a popular accessory with US executives and workers wishing to let off steam and exercise in their lunch hour. Drumming offers a fun workout that improves all round fitness and coordination combined with the therapeutic qualities of music making. Using headphones, the kit is completely silenced and whatever style of music you¹re into, the DTXTREME brain hold hundreds of grooves and tracks to play along with. Silent technology to assist practice has been pioneered by Yamaha across pianos, brass and strings and although electronic drum kits are not new, until now they have not felt, neither looked nor even sounded like their acoustic counterparts. Yamaha, a market leader in both acoustic drum manufacture and digital music technology have designed a kit for the professional drummer who requires cutting-edge electronics and versatility,using an uncompromising blend of absolute state of the art music sampling technology and a OReal¹ drum kit. The unique point and secret of the DTXTREME lies in the construction, It features real drum heads and wooden shells (as opposed to rubber heads on previous offerings), these pads, constructed of durable 7-ply birch and mahogany provide a natural "acoustic" feel and equally important in this image conscious market, an authentic look. The pads respond to all the nuances to any individual drummer¹s playing style, in fact when Yamaha introduced it earlier this month it was demonstrated by drummers across a diverse range of styles, so no matter what your style of music the DTXTREME will deliver the goods. The DTXTREME does not have to sound like a standard acoustic kit, so you can play jazz, heavy metal, hip-hop, garage, blues, and dance . This is achieved by the unprecedented electronics inside the brain of the DTXTREME that offer a choice of over 1750 drum sounds that can be assigned to any of the DTXTREMES 8 pads. Straight out of the box you have over 90 preset kits of the most popular type and in addition, the user can access over 120 general MIDI voices including acoustic instruments sounds, vocal samples and synthesiser samples and any of these sounds can be used to customise the instrument. For drummers or even executives needing more than something to hit, the DTXTREME contains 164 preset songs, patterns and grooves utilising the latest Yamaha sampling technology and programmed by some of the worlds best musicians, so the user can select a style, press go and you get a band without the drummer, to play along to. And because the pads can reproduce pitched as well as percussion sounds the player can use the onboard digital recorder to create unique compositions, theoretically, each pad could be programmed with different piano notes and the user could then create a piano concerto using drum sticks. According toYamaha, the DTXTREME may well go down as one of the turning points in allowing drummers unprecedented access to song-writing options without sacrificing their sticks for the piano keyboard. Prices for the DTXTREME start from £ 2999.00 , and whilst not cheap the kit has already attracted record orders from Yamaha¹s 100 strong specialist drum dealer network, professional users of Yamaha electronic drums include: Shutty ( Terrorvision), Nick Banks ( Pulp), Larry Mullen (U2), Mark Richardson ( Skunk Anansise), Aled Richards ( Catatonia) and Phil Selway (Radiohead).
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