Alesis Announces New Ownership

US Lives to fight another day      04/06/01

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Alesis Press Release (Verbatim)
Santa Monica, California ­ Alesis Studio Electronics today unveiled the final phase of its company reorganization. It was announced that Jack O¹Donnell, President of Numark Industries LLC, received court approval on May 24, 2001 to acquire all assets of Alesis Studio Electronics and its affiliates for an undisclosed amount. The purchase brings to a close a period of uncertainty for Alesis. The company will now accelerate plans for the launch of its much anticipated new product line, including the new HD24 Hard Disk Recorder. When asked about the acquisition, Mr. O¹Donnell said, ³I¹m confident and energized about the future of Alesis, especially with these amazing new products. We worked hard to keep the core team throughout this process and I know that Alesis¹ customers will be the beneficiaries.² There are no plans to interrupt customer service or any other company operation. Jim Mack, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, added, ³We¹re taking every precaution to make sure there are no glitches in our service and support areas during this transition. Beyond that, I¹m excited that we¹ll be able to hit our target dates for shipment on most of the new product line. In fact, we¹ve just finished beta testing the new HD24 Hard Disk Recorder and we¹re currently planning to have the first units in stores at the end of July.² As part of this reorganization it was announced that Paul Antrop, COO of Numark, would head a transition team for Alesis beginning immediately. When asked about his new role, Mr. Antrop said, ³Alesis has literally changed the way people make and record music over the past 15 years. My plan is to look closer at the operations side of the company so that we can guarantee this kind of innovation for decades to come.² Alesis also announced they would be showing at the Summer NAMM trade show in Nashville July 20 through 22 (Booth 419). John Maier, Director of Marketing Communication, said, ³We want to use the NAMM show as a launching pad for all the new products. It¹s also a great opportunity for us to show the market the new Alesis and send a clear and positive message about the future of the company.² Alesis Corporation manufactures a full line of professional audio and musical instrument products capitalizing on its strengths in digital, analog, vacuum tube and transducer technologies. From groundbreaking ADAT digital recording technology to innovations in keyboard technology, Alesis delivers revolutionary products to the music and audio production industries.
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