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A new item for the rapidly expanding NUENDO media system      16/05/01

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In the latest addition to the NUENDO range consisting of the Neundo 96/52 PCI card (otherwise known as the Hamerfall 96/52), the excellent Nuendo software – geared towards film/tv post production but full of excellent features that put other midi/audio sequencers to shame, Steinberg announces the NUENDO DD8 converter, a compact 1U 19” rack-mounting device featuring digital conversion between digital signals in the following formats: ADAT, TDIF, SPDIF and AES/EBU. Switchable 24-bit sample rate converters (SRC) allow for both highest quality sample rate conversion and clock unlinking of all AES/EBU inputs. All of the Nuendo DD8´s digital I/Os support 96kHz/24-bit. As ADAT™; optical and TDIF are usually restricted to 48kHz, the unique DS mode (double speed) allows two channels to be used for the transmission of onechannel's data. The sample split algorithm used is compatible to S/MUX and Double Wide, and also implemented in the Nuendo 96/52 PCI audio card. With this in mind the Nuendo DD8 is an ideal addition for Nuendo 96/52 PCI owners in need of real time digital conversion. The Nuendo DD8 is a reference quality 8 channel format converter featuring numerous exceptional features like Intelligent Clock Control (ICC), SyncCheck, SyncAlign™, Bitclock PLL, digital patchbay functions, and active jitter reduction through SD-PLL and 96kHz/24bit sample rate conversion. AES/EBU to ADAT/TDIF and ADAT/TDIF to AES/EBU work both entirely independently and intelligently coupled. Dedicated LEDs display the state of the incoming and outgoing signals and all operations currently running inside the device.

Nuendo DD8 features:
  • 8 channel AES/EBU (4 x stereo, XLR) to ADAT optical/TDIF-1 converter
  • 8 channel ADAT™ optical/TDIF to AES/EBU (4 x stereo, XLR) converter
  • ADAT™ optical inputs, 24 bit, using bitclock PLL for sample accurate lock
  • ADAT™ optical outputs, 24 bit, fully compatible with all devices using this interface
  • TDIF-1 interface, 24 bit, low jitter PLL, Emphasis support, DA-38, DA-88, DA-98 compatible
  • Sample rate conversion 96 kHz/24 bit switchable for the AES/EBU inputs
  • Copy Mode allows for copying data to an output of the same format (ADAT™ to ADAT™) etc.)
  • Clock unlinking (re-synchronisation) by SRC
  • Active jitter reduction by Serial Double PLL and SRC
  • Digital Patchbay, allows for copying, duplicating and distributing of the digital input signals
  • SyncCheck, unequalled technology for checking clock synchronicity
  • SPDIF mode switchable for the second ADAT™ optical output The Nuendo DD8 will be available in Q3 /2001 at Steinberg Dealers worldwide. Price to be announced.
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