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No, I can really sing - honest      20/03/01

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Offers New Features and New Interface

Antares have anounced Version 3.0 of the amazing Auto-Tune software - the Plug-In that provides the ability to correct the pitch of a voice or solo instrument in real time, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving all of the expressive nuance of the original performance. Auto-Tune 3 includes an Automatic Mode for real-time pitch correction as well as a Graphical Mode that displays the pitch envelope of the audio to be corrected along with a selection of graphical tools that allow precise manipulation of the performance's pitch. Chief among Auto-Tune 3's new features are its "Source Specific" pitch detection and correction algorithms. As a result of Antares research into the unique characteristics of various types of audio signals, Auto-Tune 3 offers a selection of optimized processing algorithms for the most commonly pitch-corrected inputs. Choices include Soprano Voice, Alto/Tenor Voice, Baritone/Bass Voice, Instrument, and Bass Instrument. Matching the appropriate algorithm to the input results in even faster and more accurate pitch detection and correction. Other key new features of Auto-Tune 3 include:
  • Phase-coherent pitch correction of stereo tracks.
  • A Bass Mode that lowers the lowest detectable frequency by about one octave to 25Hz. Since the lowest E string on a bass guitar is approximately 41Hz, Bass Mode allows the user to apply pitch correction to fretless bass lines as well as other low bass range instruments.
  • The ability to set target pitches in real-time via MIDI from a keyboard or sequencer track.
  • A new Make Scale From MIDI function for occasions when it is not clear exactly what key a melody line is in, or where the line has too many accidentals to fit comfortably into a conventional scale. For those occasions, the Make Scale From MIDI function allows the user to simply play the line from a MIDI keyboard or sequencer and let Auto-Tune 3 construct a custom scale containing only those notes that appear in the line.
  • High sample rate (88.2kHz, 96kHz) compatibility
  • Enhanced MIX chip usage efficiency for more instantiations per MIX chip (TDM only)
  • AudioSuite version (TDM only)
  • A spiffy new user interface Auto-Tune is the best selling audio plug-in ever and v3.0 will be available in early 2001 at a U.S. MSRP of $599.00 (TDM), $399.00 (MAS, RTAS, VST) and $299.00 (DirectX). Upgrades are available to current registered Auto-Tune users.

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