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Korgs New Groovebox      12/03/01

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The Electribe series has a new addition to the family, The Electribe-M it's
-"the next step in the evolution of Korg's ELECTRIBE series. Now you can focus on creating scorching dance tracks with one easy-to-use production tool. " Ooh, sounds good - but just how good?
We whipped out the DAT and ran off a quick demo for you. It seems to have quite an engine under that little hood. Check out the Demo: Housey Tune 3.4Mb Key Features
o Access a huge array of sounds and phrases covering the latest dance music styles Pinpointing that key sound or groove is how it all starts. At Korg, we've had years of experience in creating and molding all the cutting- edge sounds you need. The Electribe-M comes packed with a staggering 144 drum waves include vintage kicks, snares, classic electronic tones, cymbals, hi-hats percussion and more. Its 50 synth waveforms cover everything from deep bass tones and vintage analog synth waves, to moving modulation timbres like sync and PWM, plus chord tones, various hits and sound effects. We've even included various patterns covering the latest dance music styles such as Techno, Trance, House, 2step, Drum'n'Bass, R&B, and Big Beat, so that you can produce tracks quickly and easily. o Step sequencer for easy creation of rhythm patterns and phrases The Electribe-M features the classic 16-keypad, illuminated interface found on all Electribe dance tools. You can see the rhythm or phrase at a glance, allowing quick production of completed tracks. The ELECTRIBE-M provides up to eight drum parts and two synth parts for extensive production possibilities. Each pattern can be from 1-4 bars long, and each Song can hold a maximum of 256 patterns, and up to 35,700 events! o "Motion Sequence" function that memorizes knob movements The ELECTRIBE-M features Korg's unique "Motion Sequence function" that can memorize the movements of knobs used to vary the volume, panning or filter cutoff of a phrase you create. You can record two Motion Sequences per Drum Part, and up to three per Synth Part for amazingly alive and animated phrases. o A variety of effects for applying radical changes to the sound You can use two different effects at a time in a Pattern to create a highly polished mix. Eleven different Insert effect choices are available, and you can choose to send parts individually to your selected effect or not. The eleven types of Insert effect include standards such as Reverb and Flanger/Chorus, as well as unique effects such as Decimator, Resonator, and Ring Modulator. A Master Delay effect is also available, which can sync to the tempo of your Pattern. Each effect can be edited directly with dedicated knobs, and can of course be controlled by separate Motion Sequences. o Newly developed Drive effect The Drive effect newly developed for the ELECTRIBE-M is indispensable when creating sounds with attitude and "bite." When lightly applied to overdrive synth sounds, it gives the sound much more presence. When applied heavily and used in conjunction with filter resonance, it can generate extreme and intense new timbres. o Pattern performance with an emphasis on realtime operation Tweak the ELECTRIBE-M's knobs, and use realtime functions such as Part solo/mute to produce a wide range of variations from a single pattern. You can even use the Pattern Set function to arrange up to 64 Patterns across the step keys, and then switch patterns in realtime by simply touching the keys. o Synchronization with other models of the ELECTRIBE series You can synch the ELECTRIBE-M with other models of the ELECTRIBE series such as the ELECTRIBE-A, ELECTRIBE-R, and ELECTRIBE-S simply by connecting a MIDI cable. Plus you can use the Electribe-M as a step sequencer for external tone generator modules, or connect it to a computer for running alongside another sequencing program or as a tone generator. ELECTRIBE M SPECIFICATIONS
  • Number of Parts 8 drum parts, 2 synthesizer parts
  • Number of Waveforms 144 drum waveforms, 50 synthesizer waveforms
  • Memory 256 patterns, 16 songs
  • Motion Sequences: 2 per drum part, 3 per synth part, 1 per Insert effect and 1 per Master Delay
  • Master Effect Tempo Delay
  • Insert Effects�F11 types (Reverb, Flanger/chorus, Phaser, Ring modulator, Pitch shifter, Compressor, Distortion, Decimator, Resonator, Modulation delay)
  • Sequencer (Pattern) 64 steps maximum per part, motion sequence (drum parts = 2 systems , synthesizer parts = ‚R systems) @(Song) 256 patterns maximum per song, event recording 35,700 events maximum Output MONO, R (phone jack-mono ~2), Headphones (1/4"stereo phone jack)
  • Dimensions 300.0(W) x 222.5(D) x 55.4(H)mm / 11.81"(W) x 8.76"(D) x 2.18"(H)
  • Weight 1.25kg / 3.35 lbs. approximately
  • Power Supply DC9V AC adaptor
  • Accessories AC adaptor DC9V, 600mA *Specifications and features are subject to change without notice. Watch this space for further pricing and availability.
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