MESSE:Rolands New CDR Multitrack CDX-1

US 8 Tracks from CD-R, No, Really      10/03/01

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Roland chose Frankfurt to to announce a their revoloutionary new music production tool based around the compact disc. The new CDX-1 DiscLab is a combination phrase sampler/hard disk recorder with built-in CD-RW drive capable handling 8-track digital recording and digital mixing and mastering. The CDX-1 is the first audio workstation that can perform multitrack recording directly to CD-RW media, making it ideal for a variety of recording and mastering applications. As a phrase sampler, the CDX-1 can store and recall up to 64 samples via eight onboard sample pads (using eight banks). Phrases can be recorded from live inputs or tracks recorded to the CDX-1's separate multitrack recorder section-even directly loaded via the internal CD-RW drive using audio CDs/CD-ROMs containing .WAV files. The onboard 16MB sampling memory can be expanded up to 128MB using optional DIMM memory. Phrases can be truncated, looped, normalized-even time compressed-using editing functions equal to that of the SP-808EX e-Mix Studio. From there, they can be processed using two onboard stereo effects processors, re-sampled and arranged to four stereo or mono Phrase Sequence tracks. In addition to its sampling capabilities, the CDX-1 also features an 8-track recorder section for recording live input sources such as a microphone, synthesizer or guitar. Up to eight tracks can be recorded (two simultaneously) using 24-bit converters -all directly from the internal CD-RW drive. Phrases from the sampler section can also be transferred to an open recording track, while a built-in Rhythm Guide keeps performance in time. Like the sampler section, audio tracks can be processed through the CDX-1's dual stereo effects processors which include useful algorithms such as a Guitar Multi for recording guitars direct and a Center Cancel effect for removing vocals. Once audio tracks and samples have been recorded, users simply mix down to the built-in stereo Master Track. Then by ejecting the original CD-RW disk and replacing it with a blank CD-R disc, users can burn a playable CD while taking advantage of a special Mastering Tool Kit-complete with split-frequency compression and 4-band EQ-for producing professional-quality masters. The CDX-1 can even burn CDs directly from the stereo input using a special Audio CD Recorder mode. This function, when used with the onboard effects and Mastering Tools, makes the CDX-1 a great audio restoration tool for re-mastering analog records and tapes. Connections to the CDX-1 include two XLR Microphone inputs, two 1/4-inch TRS Microphone inputs, a stereo Line input (RCA type), a Guitar Hi-Z input, plus coaxial and optical digital inputs. Outputs include a stereo Master output (RCA type), a stereo 1/4-inch Headphone output, plus coaxial and optical digital outputs. The CDX-1 also features MIDI connectors (In, Out/Thru) and a dedicated Footswitch jack.
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