Madonna! Ohmigodohmigodohmigod!

For all you pop bitches out there...      04/12/00

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Madonna used Swedish producers for her latest videos - and now she's using Swedish instruments in her shows. On the MTV Europe Music Awards show in the Stockholm Globe Arena on November 16, her band performed on instruments made by Clavia DMI. Instead of using acoustic drums, her drummer and programmer Steve Sidelnyk played on ddrum4 electronic drums. On keyboards was producer Mirwais Ahmadzai and musical director Michael Beardon on Clavia Nord Lead 2s. Sonic State was at the Brixton Academy gig, her first UK date in 7 years. And, we have to say, half an hour, and only one retro song - the cheesy 'Holiday', at that - was a bit galling. Especially cos we paid $300 for our ticket... She doesn't deserve half the favours we do her.


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