Kurzweil to Distribute KeySolutions Library

Hi quality volumes cover all the basses and pianos too      03/06/00

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Kurzweil Music Systems is proud to distribute the KeySolutions Sample Library. KeySolutions is dedicated to creating the highest quality samples available at a price musicians can afford. KeySolutions Libraries are available exclusively in Kurzweil format. Volume 1 features a wide variety of sounds. Pianos, electric pianos, drums, basses, and a collection of synth sounds and textures. Special care has been taken to utilize Kurzweil's V.A.S.T. technology to make these most expressive and musical sounds available. The contents of this disk include: Pianos Steinway D There have been samples of pianos before, but never a piano like this. This select Steinway D was one of the elite instruments chosen to be part of Steinway's Concert and Artist stock at Steinway Hall, New York. This exquisite concert grand piano was a favorite of Vladimir Horowitz and it was used by him in his home and on tour. After being used at the Tanglewood Music Festival, the Steinway D was then stationed at Carnegie Hall. It was later transferred to Steinway's retail division and sold to the legendary Capricorn Studios. There it was used by the Allman Brothers, Dr. John and a host of other great records until the studio closed in the Mid-70's. The Steinway is now in Columbus, Ohio and is owned by recording artist Kim Pensyl. This piano has an incredibly versatile sound and is suited well for solo piano work, jazz, classical, new age and other styles of music. It was impeccably recorded and is available on this CD-ROM in three stereo versions. 16MB, 32MB and an outstanding 64MB version. Many samples are 6 seconds long and others are the full decay without a loop. As with this entire collection, special care has been taken to utilize the V.A.S.T capabilities of the K2000 and K2500. Steinway D - Alternate Recorded slightly different than the one listed above. It is available in a 28MB version and a 14MB version. Yamaha C4 This Yamaha baby grand was recorded at the legendary Smart Studio's in Madison, Wisconsin. This Yamaha's bright sound makes it especially suitable for rock and other contemporary styles. This piano is available in both 25MB and 10MB versions. Yamaha CP70 This is a classic sound. This electric piano is a favorite of Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and many others like Vangelis. Pad Piano Another classic electric piano sound. This popular sound originated in the Korg T series and has been in nearly every Korg instrument since. Great for pads and especially nice layered with acoustic piano. Drums Key Drums This drum kit inspired this entire project. These samples were taken from a sound check lifted off the pre-roll of a multi-track tape. I got a call because the drummer left for the weekend and they wanted to make a change to the drum tracks that were already on tape. After taking these samples we went back in and replaced portions of the drummer's performance from the Kurzweil. This kit features 5-way velocity switched snares, 3 way ride cymbals and is recorded in stereo. Both GM and Kurzweil key mapping is included. DW Drum Kit1 This superb kit was also recorded at John Schwab Recording Studio's in Columbus, Ohio. This stereo version features the natural ambient room sound that is a primary feature of this studio. Features of this kit include 6-way velocity switched snares, 3 way ride cymbals, toms, kicks and more. Both GM and Kurzweil key mapping is included. DW Drum Kit2 This is the same drum kit that was used in DWKIT1 however the room ambiance is taken out for a completely different sound. These mono samples feature the close miked sound of these drums. Like the previous version there is a 6-way velocity switched snare, 3 way ride cymbals, toms, kicks and more. Both GM and Kurzweil key mapping is included. Analog Drums This is a collection of vintage, industrial and techno electronic drums. These sounds were generated with various hardware and software based synthesizers. Mixbag This is a collection of drum sounds from the from various popular keyboards. Kurzweil drum mapping is included. Basses Music Man Bass This is a four string MusicMan Stingray bass. This bass has a unique round sound that almost makes it sound like a fretless though you will hear the occasional fret buzz. Carvin Fretless 5 String Bass The Carvin bass is the Bunny Brunel model, it is a 5 string fretless. Great for that Jaco sound! 1973 Fender Jazz Bass A classic, recorded with the treble control turned down for that classic 70's sound. Synths Though this portion of the disk isn't very large in megabytes, this is a small collection of some great synths and textures. Samples from Sequential Circuits Pro One, Korg PolySix, Roland JD-990, Roland MKS-70, Korg 01/W, Korg T-Series, and others. Simple raw waveforms from these instruments are used to create faithful reproductions of specific presets and others are complex textures created by combining a number of synths and effects processors. This CD-ROM can be purchased through your local dealer or through our Accessories Company at (800) 400-6658. List price is $159.


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