New Yamaha Loopstation SU200

US      25/04/00

New Yamaha Loopstation SU200

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YAMAHA SU200 LOOP FACTORY MAKES CREATING YOUR OWN LOOPS AND REMIXES EASY –CD-Quality Sampling, Instant BPM, Remix/Resampling Functions and Killer Real Time Effects– Phat, hot and portable: the SU200 Loop Factory BUENA PARK, CA–Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio & Combo Division, presents the SU200 Loop Factory Sampling Unit, a powerful, phrase sampler and effects processor that is the ideal addition for any DJ rig, MIDI rig or live performance setup. The unit will be available in May 2000. "Yamaha is targeting all areas of electronica with the SU200–people who love to create their own sample grooves," noted Athan Billias, marketing manager, Digital Musical Instruments. "That includes DJ’s, plus the dance, techno, trance and growing remix markets. The SU200 brings high-quality sampling, unique on-board effects, and other functions usually found in much larger samplers into a small, an easy-to-use, affordable package. The SU200 is loaded with features designed to produce cutting-edge dance and loop-based music. For complete flexibility in memory management, each sample can have its own sampling rate. The highest CD-quality rate of 44.1 kHz produces up to 41.6 seconds/mono. If more sampling time or a lo-fi sound is desired, users may select rates of 22, 11 or even 6 kHz for up to 333 seconds. The SU200 can accept both line and mic level input sources. A SmartMedia™ slot allows import and export of WAV files so sounds can be downloaded from the Internet and transferred to a computer for further editing or storage. For added convenience, all the samples are stored in FLASH memory and are retained–even when the power is turned off. The SU200 is the first portable sampler with Loop Track Play mode (internal BPM sync), which automatically synchronizes playback of multiple samples and loops with different tempos. Three banks of eight sample pads provide quick access to up to 24 sounds. Many of the features found on the more expensive SU700 are included in the SU200. A Loop Remix function instantly creates variations of a sample loop, while Slice alters the groove and feel of a loop. Both features work on the fly. MIDI Clock sync allows the SU200 to seamlessly integrate with sequenced MIDI tracks, making the unit perfectly at home in any MIDI production studio. The filters and built-in effects can even be applied to external audio sources (such as turntables) in real time–an ideal feature for a typical DJ rig. The Resampling function makes it easy to create loops from any source. You can add scratches, filter sweeps, delays and other unique effects like Tech Mod in real time. An audio CD with modern drum sounds, bass lines and beat samples is also included. Two real time effect control knobs, an LCD interface, plus "Tap" and "Hold" buttons provide user-friendly "hands on" control. The large, blinking red buttons can be seen in the darkest club, rave or stage environment. And, since the power supply is battery driven, the SU200 can be used anytime, anywhere.
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