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Two new Pulsar/SCOPE plug-ins are now available in the CreamWare Online Shop: the STS-3000 Sampler and the FM/Analog Synthesizer Poison. In addition, Pulsar users can now put Online Shop devices to the test - for free. When the files are downloaded, a temporary activation key is generated which allows the user to test the downloaded plug-ins for ten hours without any functional restrictions. This can be done with all of the available devices, including the SPL products Transient Designer and Attacker. The STS-3000 is a new DSP sampler plug-in. Like its "big brother", the STS-4000, it features a Multi mode which accommodates 16 programs, extensive editing functionality including a graphical sample editor, filters with resonance and a modulation matrix. The STS-3000 is fully compatible with most major sample libraries: S1000 & S3000, Soundfont 2, WAV and AIFF files are supported. Of course, the STS-3000 can also sample (in true phase-locked stereo). A resampling function is available as well. Thanks to DSP technology, you can play the STS-3000 just like a hardware instrument. 32 stereo voices and six individual outputs complete the picture and make the STS-3000 a most interesting alternative to external hardware samplers. Poison is a new synthesizer which combines the complex digital sounds of FM with the warmth of an analog synth in a unique way. The core of Poison is FM synthesis using one carrier and two modulators. However, instead of simple sine waves, Poison uses a multimode oscillator and a polyphonic LFO whose speed can track the keyboard just like the pitch of the oscillator. Both the multimode oscillator and a noise generator can be combined with the FM sound. Furthermore, the sounds can be manipulated using the fully modulatable two-pole analog filter. Poison's audio input lets you use any signal source from the Project Window as an additional modulation source for the carrier. The sound creation possibilities which this opens up are scarcely to be imagined. Both the cool stylishness of digital metallic sounds and the fatness of analog sounds are light work for Poison. The more than 80 presets which come with Poison make this impressively clear. The price of the STS-3000 is 198 EUR (about 198 US$), Poison is available for 89 EUR (about 89 US$).


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