Retro AS-1 v2.0 Announced


Retro AS-1 version 2.0 has arrived for the Macintosh! Version 2.0 includes several new features. Some of the most notable include Altivec and Pentium III optimization for increased performance and polyphony, and external audio input to the synth engine.
We've also added an all new ring modulator, support for Digidesign's DirectConnect, hundreds on new presets, and automatic publishing of OMS and FreeMIDI names. For the complete feature list visit our website at Retro AS-1 v.2.0 is available now as a feature-limited demo. You can download it from our website or request a CD to be mailed to you. The demo can be upgraded to the full version via a challenge/response code. New Features in 2.0!
  • Macintosh G4 and Pentium III optimization
  • Increased maximum number of voices to 64
  • DirectConnect support for ProTools integration
  • Stereo signal path for oscillators and insert effects
  • More oscillator types and improved oscillator resolution and fidelity
  • More filter types, slope, threshold, comb
  • External audio input to ring modulator, filters, and trigger
  • Stereo individual channel outputs via Rewire
  • Ring modulator
  • Delay parameter for all modulators
  • More insert effect types including pitch shift, multi-tap chorus, and degrade
  • Automatic publishing of OMS and FreeMIDI names
  • Improved user interface
  • Over 1400 patches including presets by Sound Burst
  • Audio input/output matrix for ASIO and Direct I/O devices allowing 32 separate channelized outputs
  • 8 assignable controller remappings: any controller to any other controller Registered Retro AS-1 users who purchased the software prior to January 1st, 2000 are eligible for a $99.00 upgrade. Users who have purchased Retro AS-1 after January 1st 2000 are eligible for a free upgrade. Suggested retail for Retro AS-1 is $259.00. BitHeadz is also proud to announce a VST 2.0 plug-in version of Retro for the PC users. Special pricing will be available for current owners of Retro AS-1. Version 2.0 of the Unity DS-1 digital sampler will also be arriving soon. More information is available at


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