NAMM2K: PPG Wave 2.V for VST 2.0

US      09/02/00

NAMM2K: PPG Wave 2.V for VST 2.0

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PPG Wave 2.V is the reincarnation of a cult, which started back in 1982 and is now available as a VST Instrument for PC and Mac VST system. Waldorf brings this exclusive sound back to life with all the advantages a completely integrated software production environment such as Cubase VST has to offer: The outputs appear directly in the VST mixer, so effects and EQ can be applied like any other audio channel. MIDI tracks are routed directly to the input of the PPG Wave 2.V without involving the vagaries of MIDI cables and interfaces. The polyphony now depends solely on the CPU power of your computer and opening up to 8 PPG Wave 2.Vs, each with 8 times multitimbral capability, gives you more than enough space for your sound imagination. A new graphical page offers easy editing of envelopes, generators and Cutoff/Emphasis. The combination of modern software technology plus the charm and massive sound potential of the "old" digital days results in a unique instrument which brings back individuality and pure fun: The PPG Wave 2.V. Features 8 times multitimbral 32 wavetables with 64 different waveforms each 2 oscillators per voice low-pass filter with Emphasis 1 LFO 3 envelopes (2 ADSR, 1 AD) Velocity and Aftertouch sensitivity Graphical interface for envelope generators and Cutoff/Emphasis Number of voices depending solely on CPU power Real-time MIDI control and automation of all parameters Up to 8 units can work at the same time (depending on CPU power) Complete unit and all settings can be saved with the song (Cubase VST) Sound rendering (Cubase VST) System requirements Windows PC Min. Pentium 266 MHz processor Min. 64 MB of free RAM Windows 95 or 98 Cubase VST 3.7 or higher, Nuendo or other VST 2.0 compatible host software PC equipped according to the specifications of the host software Macintosh Power Macintosh or compatible system Min. 604e/250 MHz processor Min. 64 MB of free RAM Mac OS 8.0 or higher Cubase VST 4.1 or other VST 2.0 compatible host software Price: N/A Submitted by Tom Finegan
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