NAMM2K: Yamaha all-in-one audio workstation AW4416

US      07/02/00

Yamaha Corporation of America launches at Winter NAMM 2000, the AW4416 Professional Audio Workstation. The AW4416 records up to 16 tracks of true 24-bit digital audio and includes motorized faders with automation/snapshot capability, phrase sampling and DSP features, and much more. The AW4416 is scheduled for delivery in June, 2000. The AW4416 offers multiple storage options–including an internal hard drive and CD recorder, as well as a SCSI interface for data backup to an external drive. As a digital mixer, the AW4416 contains full 32-bit DSP capabilities (similar to that of the Yamaha 02R), 44 fully-automated audio inputs (16 of which are from the internal hard drive), 17 motorized faders, four fader and mute groups, eight bus and eight aux sends plus stereo, and stereo cue busses. All 44 inputs–including eight analog and 16 digital inputs via optional interface cards–contain digital attenuators, 4-band full parametric EQ, and direct out assignment. The rear panel contains eight 24-bit mic/line inputs, two of which are XLR with +48V phantom power and inserts, plus a high impedance input that will accept a guitar or other instrument, directly. Memory areas include scene, channel, EQ, dynamics and effects. An inclusive 16-track recording system, complete with sampling, editing and mastering capabilities, retains true 24-bit, 48 kHz resolution without compression of any type. Two 32-bit on-board effects (including Yamaha’s acclaimed reverb) may be routed to any bus or input channel directly, or re-routed during recording to create layered effects. Two rear-mounted card slots allow any or all of the 16 tracks, inputs and assigned busses to be output in digital form for further processing or for transfer to external digital devices. These slots will also support future products from Yamaha and third party developers. A FLASH ROM operating system enables software upgrades to be loaded from CD or the Internet. The AW4416 offers an optional CD-RW drive, which enables mastering as well as loading and/or backing up data. This drive is installed in a front-mounted port for easy accessibility. For more information on the AW4416 Digital Audio Workstation, visit Yamaha at Winter NAMM 2000, Los Angeles Convention Center, Petree Hall; write Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio & Combo Division, Professional Audio, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011 Submitted by Tom Finegan
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