Early Specs of new Yamaha A-series samplers

US      09/12/99

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A4000 and A5000 Specifications ------------------------------ (Apply to both A4000 and A5000 except where noted) Display 320 x 80 LCD Knobs 5 Data Entry Memory 4 Megs standard (Uses standard PC SIMM Ram - 4 slots total, upgradeable to 128Megs) Flash Memory for OS upgrades [!!!] Max samples 960 samples (mono) [compared to 448 in the A3000] Max polyphony 126 voices [A5000], 64 vocies [A4000] Multitimbral 32 [A5000] 16 [A4000 - just like the A3000] Multi setup 1 Multi Setup available for both A4000 and A5000 Effects 6 blocks - A5000, 3 blocks A4000. 4 Band Total EQ [both] # Effects types 96 [A5000], 54 [A4000] Effects through Analog In 1 block of stereo or 2 blocks of mono (effects outputs are independently routable) MIDI sync LFO 1 LFO per Program with User-Programmable Wave [!!!] # Filter Types 16 EQ type per sample Peak/Dip, Low Shelving, High Shelving MIDI Control Assignment: 4 types per Program, 6 types per Sample Control functions: 128 types per Program, 36 types per Sample [A5000] 71 types per Program, 36 types per Sample [A4000] Loop Remix with User memory (store your favourite User Remix algorithms for further use) Loop Remix can now time-stretch by BPM. [!!!] Analog Outputs Same as the A3000 - 4 onboard, with 10 out with AIEB1 expansion board Digital I/O Same as the A3000 - AIEB1 expansion board (Firewire interface will be introduced for all A-series samplers in February.) SCSI Interface 1 IDE Interface 1 - put two internal IDE drives *INSIDE* the A4000/A5000, or replace the floppy drive with an internal IDE Zip disk Compatability AKAI S1000 - reads native S1000 disks Emu EIIIx - import FD's, HD's, and CD's. Roland S760 - import HD, CD-ROM. AIFF - Import from/Export to DOS HD, DOS FD. Import from DOS CD-ROM. WAV - Same as AIFF. EX - Read EX-series FD's/HD's. SU700 - Read SU700 FD's/HD's. TX16W - FD Import CD-R function Data Backup, Write output to Audio CD, create Native A-series Sample CD's. (When hooked up to Yamaha CD-R drive) Full Editors are bundled for Mac and PC, including TWE. Editors can access all sample parameters. MIDI i/o A5000 - 2 in, 2 out, 1 Thru (32 channels total) A4000 - 1 in, 1 out, 1 Thru (16 channels total) Both the A4000 and A5000 will be bundled with a 9-CD set of Sample CD's made by Yamaha called the Yamaha Professional Sound Library (PSL CD's). Each CD is themed - there is a guitar CD, a drumkit CD, a piano CD, etc. Also included is a CD containing the Software Editors for A4k/A5k for both Mac and PC platforms. It's *possible* though not *promised* that these CD's will also be made available for A3000 users, though we don't know exactly how just yet... more on that specific topic later. Submitted By Tom Finnegan
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