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Anonymous writes:
Steinberg Blurb
In addition to audio recording and elementary editing functions, Clean! also offers six high quality real-time restoration modules for declicking, denoising, descratching, bass boost, enhancing the stereo panorama and brilliance of your recordings. The modules are specially designed to refresh audio recordings which quality may have originally suffered through being produced on vinyl, cassette, or similar media.

Just record your favourite LP, tape or import your CD-Audio into the computer. As soon as the music exists in digital format on the hard drive, simply activate the required process. Adjust the various parameters until you have reached the desired level of "cleanliness". After that the audio recording will be calculated "clean" and will appear "processed" in the track list, ready for burning.

For more detailed and specialised work, Clean! also includes the Steinberg Wave Editor WaveLab Lite.

Good Points
Very good value, good for restoring vynil and archiving to cd
Bad Points
Requires a lot of RAM for real-time processing

 Steinberg Clean Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Maximum Resolution:44.1@16bits
Filetypes supported:

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