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 Golden Hawk Technology CDRWIN 3.8 At a Glance  
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Alex Daniels writes:
A good low-level copier of cd-roms. Can be used to copy audio cds, PC cd-roms, Akai cd-roms etc.. A favored program for creating disc ISO's in certain less than legitimate circles.

Good Points
This program does a great job at low level copying of cds - I use it for making backups of Akai cdroms. I hear it can handle playstation discs too. Basically, it doesn't care what's on it, it can just read the raw bits and make a duplication. A great addition to owning Easy Cd Creator. I like the interface in comparison to Nero, but I know some that would disagree.
Bad Points
Don't accidentally enter the wrong unlock code, as the program doesn't always warn you, it'll just start burning coasters. Although this is designed to thwart software crackers, I bet some unlucky legitimate users have been caught out by this.

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