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Albert writes:
The Korg DL8000R is a dedicated digital delay that has up to ten seconds of delay time, when operating in mono. In stereo, the unit has up to 400ms pre-delay time, and 4800ms of delay time per side.

Good Points
The DL8000R sounds just great to my ears--very musical and useable delay effects. I found using the unit to be fun to play with, it definitely inspired me to come up with new musical ideas. The ouput is very hot, which means the effects returns can be turned low, making it quiet to operate. The display is a big one line blue flourescent display that can be read with ease from across the room. A front panel button easily switches you from setting delay times in ms or note values. Also very nice is the internal pattern editor, which allows easy selection of various beat patterns for the delays. Very extensive realtime midi control of parameters is possible with the DL8000R. And again, I think this thing just plain sounds great.
Bad Points
I don't like the lump in the line power supply, even though it has plenty of lead on both sides of the lump. In/Outs are unbalanced, whereas I would prefer them to be balanced. The WARP! knob does sometimes introduce audible artifacts, but that is balanced by the coolness of being able to control one of the internal parameters realtime from the front panel. The operating system is a mixed bag, in my opinion. Most of the magazine reviewers complained about it, but I actually find it somewhat refreshing and easy to grasp. At issue is the fact that only one parameter can be displayed on the screen at one time. That means you have to know the inside of the box fairly well. Korg has designed a consistent interface, so once you learn it, getting around is not a problem. Overall, I like the DL8000R a lot.

 Korg DL8000R Specifications:

Analog IOs:
Midi IOs:
Other IOs:
Maximum Resolution:48/18

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