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arrowReleased: 1988  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Albert writes:
The Yamaha DEQ7 is a digital equalizer that has graphic eq, parametric eq, band pass and band reject programs, notch filters, and dynamic filters controlled by LFO or manually by the foot pedal.

Good Points
The good points about this eq are the variety of eq you have to work with, plus the the clean quality of the sound, as well as the fact that all eq settings can be stored for easy recall later. The filter sweeps controlled by a Yamaha FC-7 foot pedal are very useful. There are two separate 1/3 octave graphic eq patches, one left and one right, which means that with two DEQ7's ganged together you can do a detailed eq.
Bad Points
The biggest negative in my mind is that programming eq by means of a small LCD screen is much less intuitive than grabbing knobs or sliders. The only other comment is that this unit has an almost clinical sound; don't expect an eq with "personality" here. Otherwise, a handy unit to have.

 Yamaha DEQ7 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Yamaha format
Analog IOs:
Balanced In/Out
Midi IOs:
In, Out
Other IOs:
Bypass, Foot Control
Maximum Resolution:44.1@16bits
EQ, Filters

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