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Van Casteren Lars writes:
This machine adds a certain glow to your music. Multiband compression and *clearity* / band adjustable. No matter what knob you tweak it sounds different. Try hitting the normalizer hard, or boosting the compressor. Magnificent unit. Anything that sounds dull will get a boost up their *ss that'll last 'em till Xmas. Try hitting the compressor with max volume and you get compression galore!

Good Points
Sound qual. Output. Digital domain
Bad Points
no usersavable presets and no way of combining the digital in with the analogue in.

 TC Electronics Finalizer Express Specifications:

Digital IOs:
all of the digital ins/outs you can dream of.
Analog IOs:
2 x 2
Midi IOs:
midi in out
Maximum Resolution:48k@20bits
Multiband compressor
Software supported:
non yet

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