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arrowReleased: sometime in 1997  arrowVersion: 0.00
arrowRated: 7.3/10arrow User reviews: (10)
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JD writes:
A stellar f/x processor. This is not a budget unit per se, but for the performance this is a world class unit and a cheap buy. A true stereo processor, this can be used as independent mono processors (one side always devoted to reverb, one side to something else -- eq, chorus, pitch, phase, etc.). The sound quality is very, very good. I've got a minor pro-level studio, and I have genuine trouble distinguishing the MPX-1 reverbs from the big boy PCM-90s that I've rented. MIDI implementation is stellar -- most every relevant program can be controlled through MIDI and recalled (swooooosh your reverb pan from left to right with your pitch wheel....lighten or darken the chorus phase with a click of your sustain! fun! and it can all be pre-programmed into your sequencer).

This is an excellent would be difficult to justify much more money for any processor and any price. I love Lexicon reverbs, and own a number of cheaper units (the Alex, the MPX-100, the Vortex), but the MPX-1 is a serious heavy hitter. This WILL become your lead f/x unit for guitars and vocals, possibly lead boards if you are a pianist.

The choruses and phases are excellent! The flanger not as "biting" as I'd like...a lot of the special f/x are cool, and a few are even useful....ah! but the reverbs are beautiful, really world class....

Good Points
Sound quality. Pro level MIDI implementation. Programmability. True stereo input and output. Digital outs.
Bad Points
All things considered, none. This should be your lead reverb unit.

 Lexicon MPX-1 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
digital out
Analog IOs:
true stereo in and out
Midi IOs:
in and out
Maximum Resolution:48
Software supported:
none known
none known

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