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 PG Music Powertracks Pro Audio At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 1999  arrowVersion:
arrowRated: 7.0/10arrow User reviews: (4)
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arrowSoftware: Win 95/98, Win XP, OSX,
Richard Wintle writes:
An excellent MIDI sequencer with surprising power and refinement. Audio editing can be a bit frustrating and audio playlisting is not supported. Audio FX are excellent although the program doesn't support popular plug-in formats. But what do you want for $29? This is not a hobbyist's MIDI sequencer - it is very full featured, and the audio functions are an excellent addition. I've been using this program since version 2.2 and am continually surprised by what the good people at PG music cram into it.

Good Points
ridiculously low price, excellent FX plugins, solid MIDI sequencing with event filtering, logical editing, multiport support etc.
Bad Points
audio FX plugins in proprietary format; no real-time audio processing; audio editing is a bit clunky; notation view of MIDI data is only one track at a time

 PG Music Powertracks Pro Audio Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Busses/Subgroups: none
Max tracks: 48 audio (I think); at least 8@44.1 kHz on a P166; up to 48 MIDI tracks
Maximum Resolution:44.1kHz@16bits
parametric, graphic, or shelving (via plug-ins)
comp/limit/expander etc. (via plug-ins); also MIDI velocity dynamics
Filetypes supported:
.mid, .seq (PG native); .wav (and compressed adpcm), .mp3, etc.
Hardware supported:
all Windows soundcards (full duplex supported)
open architecture so 3rd party plugins and addon .dlls can be written

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