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arrowReleased: 97  arrowVersion: 1.20
arrowRated: 6.6/10arrow User reviews: (10)
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arrowSoftware: Win 95/98, Win XP, Mac, OSX,
arrowHardware: PCI
Nick writes:
Great for connection to a digital desk with an ADAT i/f. I use mine with a Yamaha 03D and find it to be pretty good.

As with most host based I/O cards it can be a CPU hog so the faster the host computer the better (note: new drivers for Logic have increased performance). I have a Mac 9600/233 and I can get 16 tracks no problem, though with a couple of stereo VST plugins running it gets a little flakey. (I have now put a g3 upgrade card in and I can get 24 with more plugins)

This can be helped by disabling all unused inputs and outputs. The ASIO driver is also sposed to help - though I can't get it to work correctly with Logic 3.6

Basically, the faster the box the better. One thing though, it won't do varispeed - ie no transpose preview in Logic
Addendum I have just been using the card in a Pro situation and feel I should point out a few limitations that have come to light.

The sync is not really that solid and seems to suffer from jitter,resulting in some clicks on record.

This was hi-lighted when I attempted to connect a Sonorus 8 channel D to A converter. The box would not lock correctly to the ADAT lite pipe. I called a guy who used to work for Korg who noted that while the Korg is a good card it is rather long in the tooth and is known for it's jumpy clock.

Now this is a bit of a drag if you have intollerant digital equipment - My O3d is obviously OK.

Good Points
Connectivity - hard to beat for the cash with ADAT,SPDIF and analog i/o
Bad Points
Using ASIO and not native drivers can be CPU heavy (as with most I/O cards) Jitter - only on the older cards. There is a fix for this apprarently)

 Korg 1212 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
ADAT, SPDIF and Wordclock
Analog IOs:
2 ins and outs 1/4 stereo jacks
Midi IOs:
Other IOs:
ADAT sync
Busses/Subgroups: 12 I guess
Max tracks: up to 32
Maximum Resolution:48k @16bits
Software supported:
Logic, Cubase

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