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Nick @ Sonic writes:
I've been looking for a set of small but beefy speakers to have by my synths in the studio as my NS10's take a real hammering when I'm out of range and want to get a vibe.

I bought these as a package (I'm not sure if they still make them):

the main peakers and the sub bass unit. The only other speakers I could find were wimpy multimedia type with no mass to them - in a studio environment you need a certain amount of beef to cope with the unexpected loud peaks etc (well I do)

Easy to set up, and pretty loud - with a good bass response from the sub unit - though it does rattle a bit when you feed it sub synths.

I'm a firm believer in having as many monitor systems around to check mixes on and these are just dandy for that - they sort of sound like a car system and help to give a different perspective.

Good Points
Powerful, chunky with tone and balance controls.
Rated at: 20watts per channel and 25watts for the sub
Bad Points
Two power supplies (Main and sub unit), link between speaker (yamaha special cable) could be longer.

 Yamaha YTS-M1000 +Sub unit Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Analog IOs:
1x minijack 2x rca
Other IOs:
yamaha link connectors, headphone out

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