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 Roland VS840ex At a Glance  
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angie writes:
Ok, first of all... most of the "COSM" guitar effects are absolutely terrible, especially when you use their distortion settings. I guess they sound fine on their own, until you actually use them in a mix. They'll turn everything to mud. The "modelling" seems to do the guitar sounds more harm than good, just a source of mush. Some of the clean amp models can sound nice though if you tweak them a bit. Oh, and the distortion effects are very, very noisy. Really just ridiculously noisy... Aside from the guitar effects, the effects section sounds very good to me. Nice chorus, nice flanger, delays, etc... I really love the "lo-fi box" sounds, especially on my synth's piano patches... Inputs 3 and 4 are noisy. Inputs 1 and 2 are quiet (relatively)... strange... overall, the recording quality is what you'd expect from a $1000 mini workstation... good, but not great... it's fine for demos. I wouldn't advise anyone to record an album on one, of course, but... who would?

Good Points
cheap, digital, built in effects, digital out, fairly good display and editing. Very reliable besides one of the effects return inputs that has never worked (need to get that fixed)... bigger zip drive than the original (250 MB)
Bad Points
noisy, guitar effects are just *bad* (most of them), but then I guess you could just not use them (shrugs)... only one effects patch at a time...

 Roland VS840ex Specifications:

Digital IOs:
one out (one coaxial, one optical)
Analog IOs:
Midi IOs:
yes, one
Max tracks: four mono, two stereo
Maximum Resolution:44.1, 16 bit
on every channel, 3 band, high shelve, low shelve, band, blah, blah, standard, blah...
yes, one bus
optional scsi port (for external zip drive only, it seems.. no CDR)

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