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ArtOfSound writes:
4 lndependent STEREO Effect Systems in 1 Rack Space ================================================== 4 completely independent stereo effect processing systems, each of which is equipped with its own 18bit D/A converter and 48kHz sampling DSP, are installed in the compact, 1U rack-mount body of the RV-4.

Each of the 4 independent effect systems in the RV-4 has a separate set of stereo input and output jacks (8 IN/8 OUT), which allows you to use the RV-4 as 4 independent stereo effect devices for 4 different stereo signal sources.

Variable Effect Types and Parameters ==================================== 19 carefully crafted different types of effects are available in the RV-4.

For example, 7 distinctly different types of REVERB (such as Vocal, Room, Hall, Plate etc.), 4 types of DELAY (Mono, Twin, Tri-Parallel, Tri-Serial), and STEREO 3-BAND EQ are provided. The RV-4 also offers several types of incredibly lush, sensual stereo CHORUS, FLANGER, and ENSEMBLE effects.

Each of the 19 basic effect types has many variable parameters such as REVERB DECAY TIME and PRE DELAY, enabling you to create countless new variations of those effects, and allowing you to customize the sound of the RV-4 for your specific needs.

100 PROGRAMs and 400 EFFECT SETTINGs ==================================== You can select up to 4 types of effects at once, freely change the parameters of each single effect (single EFFECT SETTING), choose the desired Serial/Parallel signal routing between them, and store all of these settings into memory as a PROGRAM.

The RV-4 provides 50 very useful PROGRAMs as presets, and 50 PROGRAMs are available for the user's own programmability. The RV-4 also contains 200 preset EFFECT SETTINGs for single effects, and 200 programmable user single EFFECT SETTINGs.

Completely Variable Effect Combinations and Single Routing ========================================================= Unlike many other conventional effect processors, which force the user to choose from a limited menu of factory-set effect combinations and signal routings, the Kawai RV-4 allows the user to freely choose any desired combination of any 4 single effects, and allows the user to easily organize the routing of those effects in almost any imaginable Serial/Parallel arrangement.

This feature enables the user to experiment with interesting effects such as "Flanged and Chorused Reverberation", as well as allowing the simultaneous layering of several different types of Reverb.

Extensive MIDI Control ====================== You can control RV-4 settings and parameters from an external MIDI device (such as the Kawai MIDI KEY or MM-16) using various MIDI messages. For example, you may select the RV-4's PROGRAM and EFFECT SETTING using MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE commands, adjust parameters in realtime using MIDI CONTROL CHANGE messages, and automatically set DELAY TIME parameters to synchronize with incoming MIDI TEMPO CLOCK from an external MIDI sequencer.

Digital Input/Output ==================== The RV-4 is equipped with optical Digital Input/Output ports (AES/EBU format mode II), which enable the user to add RV-4 effects to digital program material without using any A/D or D/A conversion.

This results in an audio signal which is virtually uncolored and noise free, and can be most effective when used in conjunction with a digital recording system, such as DAT recorder or hard disk recorder.

And now....go out and BUY ONE!

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 KAWAI RV-4 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
AES/EBU Mode II aka S/PDIF stereo
Analog IOs:
8 Mono Ins / 8 Mono Outs (4 Stereo I/O!)
Midi IOs:
Other IOs:
optical TOS-Link S/PDIF
Maximum Resolution:48k@18bits
19 Algorythms
Software supported:
SoundDiver i guess...

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