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Fat Elvis writes:
An all in one recording channel with preamp, and switchable compression and Enhancer sections.The preamp has switches for phantom power, phase reverse and a high pass filter, while the compressor has controls for compression and attack and release and a 5 position slope switch which takes the place of a more conventional ratio control. the enhancerhas drive, Q and enhance controls and an output gain knob sets the level to your recorder.

Good Points
The VC1 is an ideal solution for getting any signal direct to your recorder without recourse to any other equipment except perhaps EQ if you don't like what the enhancer can do. If you're buying one new, the latest model is the VC1Q with a built-in Meequalizer EQ which should make it really versatile.I haven't tried the VC1Q out, but I know the Meequaliser is a good sounding EQ. The VC1 preamp provides clean and transparent sound, and the fact that you can plug a guitar or bass directly into the instrument input on the front panel is really convenient. The compression available here has a lot of character.This is an old style optical compressor that uses photo sensitive cells rather than the modern VCA approach and the sound is thick and smooth.The compressor works great when recording vocals and keeping levels consistent, but you can also really pile it on for effect and get drum sounds really pumping. The enhancer can add a nice bit of sparkle to the material, it does this by adding high harmonics back into the signal and can certainly liven up dull sounds or open up the top end of vocals like a good EQ can. A versatile easy to use unit at a reasonable price.

 Joemeek VC1 Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Analog IOs:
XLR mic input,balanced XLR line input, unbalanced jack instrument input.Balanced XLR and jack outputs
Other IOs:
jack insert points
optical compressor

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