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arrowReleased: late 90's  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Fat Elvis writes:
This is the multi effect companion to the PCM 91 reverb unit although it also features some fine reverbs as well as a range of different effects.It has 300 presets in 6 banks, with effects organised into clearly defined categories like spatial effects or effects for guitar.

Good Points
The effects in this are excellent, which I guess is what we'd expect from a Lexicon in this price range.There is plenty of stuff here for every occasion including some specialised programs for fixing out of tune vocals and all the standard time-based effects as well as downright weird special FX.Anyone who was thinking of buying a '91 for the quality 'verbs but didn't like the idea of spending all that wedge on just reverb would do well to consider the '81 as there are a bunch different reverbs here and they all sound great. Another good point is the editing system. There are up to 100 editable parameters available for each program but it's not too taxing on the brain as there are 3 modes of editing with increasing complexity, so you can either just tweak the adjust knob for quick fixes, switch into 'go' mode for the ten most useful parameters or switch to 'pro' mode to access the lot.
Bad Points
There is a slight delay when switching programs which leaves a silent gap which might cause problems if you switch programs at a prominent point in the mix. Buy two '81s instead!

 Lexicon PCM 81 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
Stereo in/stereo out on XLR's and 1/4
Midi IOs:
in, out, thru
Other IOs:
Foot controller socket, footswitch socket

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