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 SoundTower Adrenalinn II v.5.0.0 At a Glance  
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Dan DiNilo writes:
Talk about reinventing the wheel and doing it right! The newest version of the SoundTower Adrenallin II SE (v.5.0.0) takes all the best points of the v2.0.6 and makes them better. Better look, smoother operating visuals, a more open look that puts the Filter Sequence in a seperate window. They got rid of blood red too. I was told by the main programmer that it is a completely reprogrammed product (they use Realbasic now instead of Visual Basic if that means anything to you bits and byte types)to be a more robust and crash proof product. I never had that happen for me but it does seem to move between functions without any stalls at all. Excellent job guys!

Good Points
All the same good stuff as before: Full Adrenalinn II midi implementation, all new raphical controls to adjust every parameters that are now beyond the old stiff sliders of the past. They still have the FX, AMP, Delay, Filter Sequencer and drum beat templates. But now they have a Continuous Controller mapper - I use my Midi control pedals to adjust all Adrenalinn Parameter in real time. You could use any MIDI controller to control any paramter. Shortcut keys to parameter. This feature includes Kick, Snare, Hats and Perc MUTE ON/OFF. Redesigned librarian section with flexible Copy/Paste/DragDrop. 3 different Filter Sequence editing modes: Slider, Free-hand and Line adjustments Interface improvements. Really smooth.
Bad Points
The move from v2.0.x to v.5.0.0 isn't a free update. The good people at ST explained to me that this is a new direction they are taking and, though they will continue to support v.2.0.x, they will focus on updates for the v.5.0.0 only. There is a US$ 10 to 'upgrade'. Pretty cheap for what you get.

 SoundTower Adrenalinn II v.5.0.0 Specifications:

upgrade from v.2.0.6 $10.00; future ones free

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