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arrowReleased: 1998  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Fat Elvis writes:
An all-in-one recording channel geared towards recording instruments (the companion Voicemaster is optimised for vocals).After the preamp the Tonefactory features high and low pass filters and an optical type compressor with fully variable threshold and release controls and switchable options for ratio and attack.There are two EQ sections, one is a two band parametric and the other (the tone section) features bass, middle and treble controls like on a guitar amp plus an overdrive control that also has a speaker simulation mode.The noise gate features variable threshold and release/hold with a switchable attack time.All the different sections can be switched into the signal path individually.

Good Points
This is a great way to get any signal into your recorder with a minimum of fuss and it works just as well on vocals as on instruments.Everything is clearly laid out and you only have to use the sections you want to, no need to adjust all the knobs all the time, just leave the EQ's and gate switched out if you don't need them. The instrument input on the front panel is great for just plugging in guitars, basses and synths and theres plenty of options for tweaking the sound. The tone section has a nice feel to it and is ideal for adding a little top or bottom to gently brighten up a sound or add some thickness or warmth while the overdrive can add a little edge.The parametric EQ comes in handy for more extreme tonal tweaks when needed.The compresser is very smooth and fully capable of providing light compression right up to heavy duty stuff.
Bad Points
The Noise gate can work well on most sounds but the range of control is limited. The overdrive sound can get quite raucous but is no substitute for a decent guitar amp.

 Focusrite Platinum Tonefactory Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Analog IOs:
XLR mic input,1/4
Other IOs:
parametric and shelving
compressor, noise gate

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