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 Tapco (by Mackie) SQ-2 "Squeez" At a Glance  
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Anonymous writes:
2-channel compressor with gate and some kind of enhancer ("air" EQ). unfortunately the two channels cannot be linked together. auto "soft-knee" and "hard-knee" curves. the gate employs an expander function at the threshold to eliminate annoying clicks from drums and other percussive sounds.

Good Points
- rumours say, that this compressor uses a better "THAT" VCA than the MDX 2600 Composer Pro-XL from Behringer and in so far has a more "musical" sound
Bad Points
- some features are missing compared e.g. with Behringers MDX-series or units like the DBX 1066 (no "low contour"-switch, no stereo-link!, no de-esser, no additional peak limiter)

 Tapco (by Mackie) SQ-2 "Squeez" Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Midi IOs:
Maximum Resolution:-

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