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 T.C. Electronic M5000 At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 1994  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Aren Downie writes:
TC Electronic's flagship reverb and multi-fx processor, previous to the System 6000. The M5000 is based on a modular "mainframe" concept, allowing the user to custom configure the M5000 for his or her needs, by adding DSP, Digital and Ananlog I/O, and even additional M5000s under the control of one remote. In fact, the finalizer was based on the M5000's "MD2" optional mastering/dynamics software upgrade, which included multiband compression and normalizing features. Remote control allows control of several m5000 mainframes. Floppy drive for software updates and saving of samples/patches. World Class Reverbs... Multi FX: Delays, Flanging, Chorus, Pitch shifting. On-board Sampling with up to 16MB RAM (SIMMs). The "ADA-2" 24bit/96k cards are the same as found in the System 6000.

Good Points
Rich and lush reverbs, from dark to shimmering. Great Delays, Chorus and Phaser algorithms. With the MD2 option, the M5000 becomes a powerfull mastering processor. Built like a tank, solid feeling knobs and buttons. Sampling feature can be used to replace recorded drum sounds.
Bad Points
Pitchshifting is not exactly the smoothest. But then again I'm writing this 10+ years since this unit was released.

 T.C. Electronic M5000 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
2 in / 2 out, or 4 in / 4 out
Analog IOs:
2in/2out or 4in/4out
Midi IOs:
1 in, 1 out, 1 thru
Other IOs:
AES on XLR, S/PDIF on Coaxial and Optical
Maximum Resolution:24bit/96k, 48k internal resolution
Digital EQ
Optional MD2 Dynamics package
Reverb, Delay, Pitch Shift, Phaser, Chorus
Software supported:
OS 3.5.4 (latest), MD2 Mastering/Dynamics upgrade
DSP + Digital I/O, 24bit/96k AD/DA, DSP w/ no I/O Card, ATAC Remote control.

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