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Naso Stankov writes:

Good Points
Multi-out VSTi, Rewire & DXi softsynths VST & DX effects Fruity Pad Controller (FPC) FL Studio Generators & FX Usable as multi-out VSTi client in hosts like Cubase and Logic Usable as multi-out ReWire client in hosts like Sonar Usable as multi-out DXi client in hosts like Sonar

 image - line fruity loops producer editon Specifications:

Max tracks: 64 Insert & 4 Send Tracks with 8 FX channels each
Maximum Resolution:Render to .WAV (16bit or 32bit),Render to .MP3 (32kbit up to 320kbit)
Filetypes supported:
WAV, .MP3, .SYN, .DS, .Speech files
Lifetime free updates

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