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Alfie Noaks writes:
The HV10 allows you to add multi-part harmonies to your vocals. By adding 9 harmony parts to the original vocal, up to 10-voice harmonies can be played: 5 parts (original + 4 transposed Harmonies) x 2 (Dual function). Harmonies can be selected using any one of the Preset Scales, User Scales or MIDI. When MIDI Scale is selected, you can control the notes in the harmony in real-time from an external MIDI keyboard from your MIDI Sequencer. As such, it's ideal for performers who want a big vocal sound live or in the studio.

Good Points
Rack mountable, simple to use
Bad Points
Wall wart PSU, can become confused when there is a lot of spill on the mic

 Akai HV10 Specifications:

Analog IOs:
analog in stereo out
Midi IOs:

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