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440hz writes:
the M-300 is a dual channel stereo effects processor with the first channel consisting of 6 kinds of delay icluding:tape delay ping pong and slapback.a vintage phaser,chorus, two types of flangers,soft or hard tremolo a compressor and a de-esser.the second channel consists of 15 different types of reverb including;hall,3 vocal reverbs,drumbox,cathedral,ambient,live,spring,plate,club etc.these engines can be used in series(chained together) or parallel(like two seperate units),there is a switch on the back.there are also 100 user presets and a tap button on the front panel for matching tempos.This device also has midi.

Good Points
very clean and natural sounding
Bad Points
i bought 3 of these units from guitar center in Colorado springs and all 3 of them totally crashed around the same time.I had the first one for a year and a half.very strange,i dont know if it was interference or dust or what.EVERYONE else I talked to said these units are rock solid.

 tc electronic M-300 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
in,out RCA Phono (S/PDIF)
Analog IOs:
4 in 4 out
Midi IOs:
Maximum Resolution:24 bit 44.1 kHz. (48 kHz only @ Digital Input)
compressor, de-esser
15 reverbs,6 delays,two flangers,two tremolos,phasers,chorus,etc

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