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arrowReleased: April 2003  arrowVersion: 2.29
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ATTERION writes:
A superb editor for your Korg N264/N364. The graphical interface is superb, and makes programming sounds a breeze. What once took hours of page flipping is done in mere minutes. This program definitely gets a 10 out of 10!!!

Good Points
There are seperate graphic interfaces for every aspect of your N264/N364, and all the interfaces integrate with each other nicely. You also get librarian functions (Great for saving FX settings, etc.). you can drag and drop programs with ease. You can "Breed" new programs with GENETICS which features a whole range of "Breeding" filters and parameters. And to make life really easy, they have thrown in a COMBI Organizer, which allows you to veiw every program in a combination, and instantly tells you how many combis rely on each program (Clicking on any program in this window will also show which combis rely on it, great for finding which programs you can overwrite with out affecting combis). Also, Free Updates!!!
Bad Points
Absolutely None. This program is rock solid. Apparently though, the Combi Organizer is only in the beta stage, so you only can view them and not edit them directly from this window. If it gets integrated seemlessly with the other windows, I would say this program will be %100.

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Hardware supported:
Korg N264/N364
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