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asimpletask writes:
This seems too good to be true and apparently it is. The unit itself is beautiful, feels solid and is well laid out. The drivers are obviously not ready and I have tried it on 2 machines so far without success, and on one I am getting BSOD's referencing 'bca2000.sys'. Tech support is unresponsive, and there are NO troubleshooting instructions in the manual or anywhere on the website. Stay away from this item until you have read from several sources that the product and/or its drivers have been fixed.

Good Points
Incredible feature set for the price - nice design. Come out with one for $400 with rock solid drivers and you have a deal, Behringer - but I am returning this thing
Bad Points
Terminally buggy drivers, unresponsive tech support, no Mac support

 Behringer BCA-2000 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
adat + spdif i/o
Analog IOs:
3 in 6 out
Midi IOs:
1 in 2 out
Other IOs:
2x headphones, control room
Maximum Resolution:96k@24bits
limiter, noise gate

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