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 Renoise v1.281 At a Glance  
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Rick Hoekman writes:
Renoise is the next generation of music tracker software, combining studio quality sound and virtually infinite expandability with a clear and concise interface putting every parameter and option literally at your fingertips!

While using proven music tracker concepts and technology with a pedigree running back to the days of the Amiga, Renoise fully supports MIDI and embraces modern and limitless VST/VSTi plugin technologies, therefore achieving power and precision every electronic musician has been dreaming of, all in one affordable piece of software!

Through over 3 years of development we listened to our users, implementing their suggestions and considering their complaints. The result; powerful and reliable music software that suits your needs!

Good Points
INTERFACE: Quick, consise and user friendly, offering the information you need, exactly when you need it, fully configurable, allowing you to truly personalise your working environment. MIDI: Full MIDI and MIDI sync (master/slave modes) support. Will fit right in with your current studio setup. VST PLUGIN AND VST INSTRUMENTS: Renoise offers full support for VST 2.0 technology, including synths, effects and DSP processors, allowing near infinite expandability. ASIO SUPPORT: ASIO multi I/O cards support, giving users extremely low audio latency and the ability to route tracks to the hardware channels. SAMPLER: Integrated sampler and sample editor with full sample editing capabilities and high quality playback (32-bit floating point, interpolated). INSTRUMENT EDITOR: Integrated instrument editor with graphical envelopes, allowing users to tailor the playback of samples and sample collections for their specific needs. DSP EFFECTS: Real-time DSP engine with internal effects (reverb, echo/delay, compressor, distortion, flanger, phaser, EQ...) with unlimited number of effects per track. MASTER AND SEND TRACKS: Unique send and master tracks, allowing users to apply full effect chains to any and all tracks of their choosing. Want to EQ all 50 tracks with little cpu workload increase? Not a problem. AUTOMATION: Automation of effects, instruments, VST and MIDI via curved envelopes. A comfortably visual way of altering parameters over time. HI-FI WAV RENDERER: 32-bit, 96 kHz, 2 quality modes (near perfect and perfect), with ability to render each track into separate file. Perfect for mastering. FILE FORMATS: Imports and plays most popular song / module / instrument / sample formats.
Bad Points
Steep learning curve for new users.

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