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arrowReleased: 2002  arrowVersion: 0.00
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arrowSoftware: Win 95/98, Win NT, Win XP, Mac, OSX,
arrowHardware: USB
Jason Johnston writes:
The Edirol (Roland) UA-5 is a high quality 24/96 USB Audio Interface with a ton of inputs and outputs for the price. It includes guitar and microphone inputs with pre-amps (two) and built-in phantom power. The direct monitoring function allows for zero-latency performance while recording. Very nice.

Installing the UA-5 was the only tricky part. It took me a few tries, and finally I read the instructions, followed them exactly and it actually worked! Part of the problem is that it actually needs two drivers in Mac OS 9, for "advanced mode" and "normal" mode. When I figured this out (although I still think it could be a little simpler) I was able to install the proper driver for the mode I wanted.

I really like the ease of use and the all in one aspect of this unit. I found the pre-amps much better in this unit than cheaper quality products offering the same features.

Good Points
- All in one solution for getting a good quality sound into your computer - Phantom power - THANK YOU! - Zero latency monitoring - Yes. - Many output options - Good price
Bad Points
- No midi - Advanced driver installation confusing

 Edirol UA-5 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Optical & coazial S/P DIF I/O
Analog IOs:
2 XLR/ 1/4 inch ins, 2 RCA ins - RCA and 1/4 inch outs
Midi IOs:
Max tracks: Recording two tracks and monitoring stereo tracks with the UA-5 is easy.
Maximum Resolution:24 bit/96 K
Software supported:
ASIO 2.0 (Win and Mac), WDM (Win 2000), Mac OS 9 sound manager, Mac OS X core audio - all major software (Sonar, Cubase, Logic)

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