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 Soundtower uWav1, uWave2 and uQ/Q At a Glance  
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KZ/roman writes:
If you’re a Waldorf junky as I am, then these editors are a must. The microwave 1 and 2 are mature Editors and have been around for some time now so they are complete as far as editors go and they sure make life with microwaves easier. uQ/Q is fairly new but already it’s a kick azz software and these guys keep on top of things as far as upgrades and customer care go. And since Waldorf continues upgrading revision’s for the Q’s then you need people like Soundtower. These Editors are Eye candies with compact tight interface. Everything is laid out logical. The special feature like mix and morph are handy to have for those excellent accidental sounds you feel like programming but don’t have the time.

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